Success Lesson: Pick a Lane

jim stovall 10 Success Lesson: Pick a LaneDue to my travel schedule, I frequently find myself in airports across the country waiting to go through the security line. I have noticed a phenomenon among fellow travelers that involves them getting in a line and then observing one of the other lines is moving faster. They will invariably rush over to that line and stand there a while until they, once again, believe that another line is better. Regularly, the people who were in the original line and stayed put get through security much faster and are well on their way to their gate before these opportunistic line jumpers clear security.

Be Fascinated at Work by Cultivating Curiosity

jody urquhart 14 Be Fascinated at Work by Cultivating CuriosityMake your job and the people around you more interesting by cultivating your curiosity.

Many people have had the experience of thriving in their work up until the point that it starts to become repetitive, routine and boring. Slogging it out like this every day, work becomes more like a prison sentence then an exciting career. This is the exact time to build fascination for your job and the people you work with.

Many work most of their lives for an organization and know so little about it. Spend a full day being curious about your job, your co-workers, your industry, your organization, and your corporate culture. Seek out and question why things are the way they are?

20 Tips on How To Use Lucid Dreaming and Become More Successful in Real Life

Lucid dreaming is the ability to make up your own dreams. You can create yourself in your dreams, and motivate yoursself to achieve personal goals, find new solutions for your problems or simply fulfill your desires. Bringing more awareness to your sleep gives you more restful sleep and increases your ability to remember facts.

Imagine how it feels to have the money to do what you want, when you want to. In your dream, you will be rich, confident and successful. The next morning you will still feel the confidence and power you had while dreaming. Before you know it, opportunities will come your way that will enable you to become the successful person you dream about.

Seeking Greener Pastures – Making Decisions Before Crossing The Other Side

Greener pastures. These words draw into mind the promise of something better that lies ahead. This brings the possibility of changing lives and fulfilling something that we’ve always dreamed of. But come to think of it, is it always greener on the other side? Will getting over the other side of life make us happy and fulfilled?

Personally, I have learned that it’s okay to aim for something better, to go forward and pursue the “greener pastures”. But this should be done considering the situation and analyzing the consequences as well. In life, I’ve made rash decisions, in the hopes that things will turn out for the best. More often than not, these snap decisions led to consequences that I have to put up with.

5 Ways To Beat Procrastination and Reclaim Your Focus

james frankton 1 5 Ways To Beat Procrastination and Reclaim Your FocusProcrastination is something that has affected all of us at some stage. Whether you find yourself failing to turn essays in on time, or putting off going for a run (that marathon ain’t gonna run itself, by the way!) the negative effects of procrastination are numerous.

The good news is that you can beat it, and reclaim your focus and motivation in the process. In this article you are going to learn five effective methods to stop procrastination in its tracks. Keep reading to discover just how to reclaim your focus … and get your groove back!

Learn to Smile During Times of Adveristy

ryan c lowe 12 Learn to Smile During Times of AdveristyIn one of the chapters in Get off Your Attitude, I talk about how to deal with the obstacles and challenges that we all face in life. I also share ideas and principles on how to deal with adversity in a positive manner. In this article I will do the same, suggesting how you can deal with negativity and remain 100 percent in charge of your happiness.

Most people deal with adversity and circumstances in a negative manner. It’s the way we are programmed. We want to lash out every time something bad happens to us. But that is not the way to handle life, at least not a happy, joyful life.

5 Characteristics of the World’s Most Successful People

5CharacteriSuccessPeople 5 Characteristics of the World’s Most Successful PeopleWe see them everywhere — starring in TV commercials, delivering TED Talks, and smiling on magazine racks.

Great leaders are often synonymous with tremendous wealth and prestige. Yet, remarkably enough, most weren’t born into affluence. Many faced seemingly insurmountable odds and earned their red carpet time and exclusive interviews through hard work, intelligence, and tenacity.

The way I see it, there are five qualities that every successful leader embodies. Some of my biggest inspirations share all five traits, achieving unprecedented success in their fields. These characteristics aren’t magical or inaccessible. They’re qualities you can work on and apply to your own leadership style.

Is This Glass Half-Empty, Half-Full, Or Is It Full? Test Your Success Mindset!

glassisfull Is This Glass Half Empty, Half Full, Or Is It Full? Test Your Success Mindset!So… you think you have a success-mindset.

You always look for the positive.

You count your blessings at the end of each day.

You never see the glass as half-empty, it’s always half-full.

So why are you not getting the results you want? Why isn’t your ideal future here yet? What’s missing in this picture?

I am going to answer that, but first let me tell you a short story I heard recently about…a car salesman. Yep, a car salesman. From Detroit, I believe.

Action Breeds Motivation – Getting Things Done Is The Key To Doing More

james frankton 1 Action Breeds Motivation   Getting Things Done Is The Key To Doing MoreThere’s a popular saying that goes something along the lines of “a rolling stone gathers no moss.” While some have argued that this proverb is about the unwillingness of some to commit long-term to anything, the most popular interpretation is that a person who is active in life does not have the chance to stagnate. Rolling stones extract more out of each precious moment they have on earth.

This fascinating notion can be applied directly to the concept of taking action; people who are already action-takers are more likely to be motivated and get stuff done. A person who fits the description of a rolling stone doesn’t stagnate, because their ability to be productive, energetic, and prone to taking action encourages them to attain further heights.

Motivating yourself to become the best possible version you can be

The term best possible version of you comes across as pretty vague to say the least. How do you decide that what’s the best possible you? Or how do you know that you have achieved the best possible you and there is no way you can be better than your current state – you can’t!