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5 Ways to Bolster your Daily Productivity and Efficiency

5 Ways to improve daily productivity Life throws moves quickly. Perception is one of the most impactful tools in our arsenal to bolster us — not just in terms of resilience, but also in terms of productivity.

If you see each opportunity as a barrier or a bump in the road then you’re going to jar yourself silly on the road of life. No matter how you look at it, the hoops we must jump through each day never align—unless we make them.

How to cut down hours and achieve more results

“I work 14 hours a day”, he exclaimed with his chest pumped up. The people around gasped, “Wow, he is such a dedicated guy. I am sure he is an achiever.”

The world believes in the following equation:
long working hours = more work done

Many of the organizations even reward the employees who work beyond their working hours.

When a person works over 12 hours often, some real questions need answers.

  • Was there a need to work those many hours?
  • How many of those working hours went wasted?

How To Squeeze The Most Out Of Your Time By Brian Tracy

Brian TracyHow do you start your day? Years ago I started planning mine by writing everything down I would have to do, the night before. I found that drawing up your list the night before prompts your subconscious to work on your plans and goals while you sleep. When you wake up, you feel ready to tackle your challenges.

When prioritizing and planning your time, consider the following points:

Key questions.
What is the highest value-added action I can do? What can I and only I do that I’ve done well before to make a difference? Why am I on the payroll?

Living by the Golden Dozen By Tom Hopkins

Tom Hopkins, Author and Sales TrainerHere’s the best way I’ve ever found to pull the best performance out of yourself. It’s an extremely simple method. Not easy, simple. First, hang copies of these twelve words where you’ll see them at work, in your car, and at your home base:


Now comes the important part:

Dedicate yourself to living that declaration.

It doesn’t change anything to look at those words once in a while and think, “That’s what I’m going to start doing just as soon as I can get myself together.” If you really want to achieve, start living by those dozen words now.

How To Get More Work Done In A Day By Zig Ziglar

Zig ZiglarHow do you achieve employment security in a world where there is no employment security? I start with a question: Do you consider yourself to be honest and at least reasonably intelligent? Okay. As an honest, intelligent person, do you, as a general rule, get about twice as much work done on the day before you go on vacation as you normally get done?

Now I am going to ask you a long question, so stay with me all the way through. If we can figure out why and learn how and repeat it every day without working any longer or any harder, does it make sense that we will be more valuable to ourselves, our company, our family and our community? The answer is “Yes.”

Don’t Be Busy, Be Productive: 10 Tried-and-Tested Ways to Use Time Wisely

Most people think that working hard means scurrying from one task to another and this will make them successful one day. They cannot be any further from the truth. In fact, time management is not about being super busy. It is about simplifying your personal and professional life, relieving stress and staying organized.

In other words, you should be able to arrange your commitments in such a way that you get to spend more time embracing your passions even when you are busy. Implementing the following 10 tips will increase your productivity and help you stay organized.

6 Essential Skills for Productivity and How to Develop Them

Business productivity with calculator and other toolsIn order to have a successful career and a healthy lifestyle, you should have a set of skills that increase your productivity. A person with high productivity is a person who’ll be a leader of his generation. For you to improve your productivity, you should have these 6 very important skills.

1. A good planner

A successful man’s best friend is his notebook because it keeps him organized and helps him plan his activities. Before going to bed you should take a look at your next day activities. You should plan them in a way that will increase your efficiency and will make use of your time in a productive manner. By knowing your plan for the entire day, you will be able to optimize the resources you use for every activity and use them more effectively.

How To Get Motivated And Be Productive In The Morning

Early morning sunriseImagine waking up feeling excited about the day; you feel motivated and energetic to begin working on your dreams. You exercise, you plan for your day, you work on your most important task first, you get results, and you feel passionate about what you do. How is that for a great morning?

Morning is the most important time of the day because if you set things right, everything will go smooth and follow according to plan.

Sadly, most people only imagine going through a great morning and a great day, in reality, they always rush, skip their breakfast, get stuck in the jam and are always feeling tired with no energy when they reach their office (or begin the day).

8 Awesome Productivity Tools You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Amber Stanley - motivational and productivity writerFor busy professionals, there never seems to be enough time during the day to complete every task given at work. A lot of things are happening at once that you need to practice multitasking to finish up everything.

Juggling multiple tasks such as projects, campaigns and writing proposals all at the same time is a serious business. Not everyone was given superpowers to handle daily grind but you can use effectual gadgets or system to manage your time well.

To help you out in catching up with your work demands, here are more realistic and cost-effective alternative tools that will make you work smarter and happier.

Productivity and Attitude By Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar motivational speaker and authorI’m the only one who does anything around here! Several years ago I was on a late-night television show in New York City. For some strange reason, they wanted me in the studio that afternoon at 4:30.

I walked in and was stunned by the small size of the reception area. It contained a couch for three, a chair for one and a sink, refrigerator and coffee maker.

As I sat down a woman walked in, shook her head and said, “Nobody makes any coffee except me!” She got busy and started a fresh pot of coffee.

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