8 Awesome Productivity Tools You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Amber Stanley - motivational and productivity writerFor busy professionals, there never seems to be enough time during the day to complete every task given at work. A lot of things are happening at once that you need to practice multitasking to finish up everything.

Juggling multiple tasks such as projects, campaigns and writing proposals all at the same time is a serious business. Not everyone was given superpowers to handle daily grind but you can use effectual gadgets or system to manage your time well.

To help you out in catching up with your work demands, here are more realistic and cost-effective alternative tools that will make you work smarter and happier.

1. Stop Procrastinating App
Procrastination is a big No-no in business. If you can’t help procrastinating, this app will keep your focus on your undertakings. This website blocker allows users the option to block the internet for a certain period to get more work done and not waste time in the mornings.

2. Casual
If you’re looking for a decent project management software, Casual.pm is a unique choice. This app offers a new visual approach of organizing ideas, proposals, notes and teams into a proper flow of actions. Through Casual.pm, you can plan your projects via flowchart using intuitive visual tools.

3. FullContact
A disorderly mess of contacts would cost you a lot of time and effort. Avoid wasting your time by using a unified contact manager. Fullcontact will keep track all those clients names and numbers on your list. This tool helps not only in your contact organization but it also integrates your social media accounts and communications across devices.

4. CamScanner
The daily go-to app lets you have access to a scanner anytime and anywhere. It is more accessible alternative to your office scanner. You can now possibly scan a document and send it to a client even if you’re out of the office. Users can just take a photo of documents or other text with their phone camera and the rest is taken cared by the app. Other special features of Camscanner are its sharing and collaboration capabilities, text recognition and search abilities.

5. Hellosign for Gmail. Did you know that you can sign a document without even leaving your inbox? Yes, adding an electronic signature to Gmail can now be achieved through Hellosign, the best eSignature solution available today. Connect your Gmail account to Hellosign and you can already upload a signature from an image or draw it unto the app and use it for your future online documents.

6. Wrike
Wrike is a real-time work space where you can work together with your team online. For email integration, file and task management, tracking individual’s progress and team collaboration, Wrike is excellent, fast and efficient in delivering results. Users can manage simple and large goals, attach existing images and files and set deadlines to project plans from across any devices within this application.

7. Focal Filter
It’s hard to control yourself not to browse different websites when you are connected to the internet. Focal Filter tool will force you to work productively. Once you use its block feature, you cannot remove, exit or uninstalled the application while its active. So even if you are tempted to visit Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, you cannot access these blocked websites unless the block timer runs out or you reboot your computer.

8. LinkedIn
Regardless of how busy you are with projects and business meetings, do not forget to make time in making connections. Create a stronger professional networks via LinkedIn app. This social networking site will help you build your personal brand, stay up-to-date on career and technology news and allows you to get connected and send invitations to other professionals.

You can make a workday more productive in less time when you have the right business tools on hand. Utilize the alternative helpers given above to accomplish more work without putting in extra hours.
Amber Stanley is a staff writer at BestEssays.com and a regular contributor at Lifehack.org. She loves to read books and travel a lot. Catch up with her on Twitter.

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