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"I find myself constantly referring Josh Hinds and his incredible messages. The information he provides adds to my life and to the lives of many others. Josh is a true motivator and a true leader and in the words of one of the great motivators of all time, Earl Nightingale, he is "Leading the Field" when it comes to today's online motivational websites."
- Bob Burg, Speaker and Author of "The Go Giver", "Endless Referrals" and "Winning Without Intimidation"

"I have been working with motivational speakers since 1994 and when I think of 'online motivation' I immediately think of Josh Hinds. I consistently read and look forward to his ezines. They include valuable information from motivational and training experts that will benefit any business or individual." - Scott Ulberg, President, "Training From Experts, Not Actors"

"Yes! 'Let's Talk Motivation,' because it's number 1 in my book. I love to read it and I know others do too by the responses I get when my articles run."
- Randy (Dr. Proactive) Gilbert, author of SUCCESS BOUND -

"Hello, I do not have the right words to express my joy and transformation going on in my life right now due to all the newsletters you have been sending to my inbox. All I can say though is THANK YOU so very much and carry on your good work. Have an awesome day and God Bless."
- Muunda L. (Africa, Zambia)

"I am writing to say thank-you for your wonderful inspiring newsletters, you have become a welcome friend to come home to after a day at the office. I really look forward to the wisdom your newsletters bring, after a day of helping others (I am a coach and natural therapist), its so nice to sit and spend some quality time with a like minded friend and have time to revitalise myself. Thanks Josh so much, for the time you put into getting the newsletters out. I am grateful I was guided to find your site."
- Regards from Tina in Australia.

"I am a Student in Germany and i just finished reading today's motivational newsletter. I want to say a big thank you for it because it has really helped me a lot. I will be reading this everyday this week so I do not forget it."
- George

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- Testimonials -

"Josh, I do forward your newsletters frequently to about 15 online associates. You are top notch and have one of the best ideas to be a resource of real leadership and motivation. Today's newsletter was superb and again will pass it around. Thanks for your labor!"
- Pamela

"Just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for your publication. I'm a high school chemistry teacher but one of the elective classes I teach is called Life Skills. I read your column(s) every day and share many of them with my class. They have provided great fuel for discussion on lessons we can all apply to our daily lives. I truly believe that communication skills are some of the greatest skills we can teach young people. As a teacher, business owner, and lifetime learner your publication provides wonderful food for thought. Thanks again".
- Monte Ball (Sterling, KS)

"Hello again, I wrote to you a while ago and you really helped me. But when I read this newsletter I couldn't believe that you hit the nail on the head again. You are truly amazing and I really appreciate this newsletter. I don't know what to say to thank you enough for your last article which made me realize what was wrong with me. Keep up the extroadinary work, you're helping people all over the world.
- Caroline

"Dear Josh I just wanted to tell you that I love your motivatioal email - "Let's Talk Motivation!". Recently the articles have been so good I've just had to send them on to friends working in Management Consultancy, Unions and so on. Hopefully some of them have signed up for your ezine. Or maybe they just expect that I'll send the really good stuff on I hope the former. They seem to particularly ring true for me right now and have even inspired truely effective coaching sessions with my friends and students. So never doubt that you are wasting your time putting them together because I just love them, they inspire me to DO more, especially towards my long term goals. So Thank YOU very much, and yes you are included in my thank you walk!"
- Sue D.

"Each day that I start to work, I make it a point to browse my e-mails with my heart eagerly anticipating the newsletter which comes from you. Your newsletters form a stream of wonderful and powerful motivations that helps anyone find the strength and inspiration to move on-- amidst life's travails and tribulations."
- Noel V.

"Thank you Josh. Excellent topic. You are exceptional at finding great speakers/writers and I appreciate all your efforts. I look forward to reading this newsletter every day. Keep up the good work!!"
- Glenna

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