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Bio: Josh Hinds runs a network of personal & professional development websites, the first of which was founded in 1996. He writes, and is available for coaching and consulting. As a coach and consultant Josh works primarily with (but not limited to) entrepreneurs, small businesses, executives, and sales professionals. Josh is the author of, 'It's Your Life, LIVE BIG', 'Why Perfect Timing is a Myth', and 'Motivational Quotes for Living BIG'.

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About GetMotivation is a community where people can come to discuss and learn about motivation and self-improvement. We have had millions of visitors to / Motivation Point which have viewed many millions more in pages on the site (note: that is just since we started tracking through the analytics service we use). It's an honor to have such an active audience of people that share an interest in personal development topics. We also offer a personal development e-mail newsletter. Our newsletter includes columns by some of the top motivational speakers and writers in the world. Each shares ideas and insights on how to lead a more successful, fulfilling life.

How it all started...

I began my love for business (i.e. Entrepreneurship) when at the tender age of 15 I was given the opportunity to work in my Father's new startup company. Because it is hard to get someone to take a 'kid' seriously in sales I mainly sold via the phone. I got off to quite a start and did surprisingly well! Not long after I was introduced to the power of motivational thinking (a book by Zig Ziglar) and from then on have been forever changed!

Years later I saw a need for Internet & Computer training as well as Internet consulting so I founded On-line Consulting & Computer Training (which has since evolved into this motivational community site or Motivation Point / ). I still do some consulting, brainstorming sessions, and business building sessions & marketing for select clients.

Mission Statement:

The purpose of the site is to offer a total experience to those looking for anything relating to Motivation, inspiration or self-improvement. We strive for more than just a site with information by offering you a sense of community.

This is a place to share your ideas and get encouragement as you pursue your dreams.

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Josh Hinds is available for keynotes, breakouts and personal development trainings on a limited basis.

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It's your life, LIVE BIG! Josh Hinds