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You have reached a special section of this site. It's not that there's anything that's meant to be kept secret, it's just that the main focus and mission of the site is to:

Give as many people access to the leading motivational and self-improvement speakers, authors and trainers around the world as possible -- and to offer continually expanding motivation resources.

So, while our core mission is to inspire others --over the years I've received countless requests from people that want to attempt to model what I'm doing with this web site and in my business.

You see, this web site and the related motivational newsletter I offer -- are primary components in my business (as are the writing, leadership keynote speaking, executive coaching and mentoring that I do).

So, with that said I'll use this space to share some of the better affiliate programs that I think you can benefit from joining. It is at this point that I'd like to share a thought with you that has served me well since starting out (I started this site in its earliest form in late 1996 / early 1997).

From the beginning I've always tried to keep things tightly focused on the core niche' of my site -- that being motivation, personal development, and self-improvement. Quite simply, if it didn't fit in that target group it wouldn't be included on the site. Admittedly this is a bit elementary now, but at the time most folks seemed to miss the importance of this.

Even to this day you can find countless sites that claim to reach a target group, yet run countless affiliate programs unrelated ads on them. Hopefully this isn't something you're doing now. If so, I hope you'll do yourself a favor and get more focused on your audience's interests.

Now that I have covered that -- and assuming you run a web site which has an audience where your web site visitors have similar interests to mine -- here are some self-improvement related affiliate programs that you should explore and consider signing up for...

Josh Hinds' Why Perfect Timing is a Myth Success Package Affiliate Program

As an affiliate for the Why Perfect Timing is a Myth Success Package by Josh Hinds you will be offering both the mp3 audio version and ebook version of the inspirational and motivational program. You earn 50% of each sale. It's a terrific way to earn, while offering a tool and valued resource that will help others to unleash their greatness!

Join the Why Perfect Timing is a Myth Success Package Associate Program.

Mind Movies Associate Program

If you run a personal development web site or newsletter, consider joining the Mind Movies affiliate program. They give you lots of tools that make promoting their program well worth your while.

Sign up for the Mind Movies Affiliate Program.

More featured programs coming soon...

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