6 Essential Skills for Productivity and How to Develop Them

Business productivity with calculator and other toolsIn order to have a successful career and a healthy lifestyle, you should have a set of skills that increase your productivity. A person with high productivity is a person who’ll be a leader of his generation. For you to improve your productivity, you should have these 6 very important skills.

1. A good planner

A successful man’s best friend is his notebook because it keeps him organized and helps him plan his activities. Before going to bed you should take a look at your next day activities. You should plan them in a way that will increase your efficiency and will make use of your time in a productive manner. By knowing your plan for the entire day, you will be able to optimize the resources you use for every activity and use them more effectively.

2. Early bird

If you want to have a highly productive day, it should start early in the morning. Having more time to plan your activities and to figure out the problems that appear along the way will increase your performance. If you read the biographies of every successful man, you will notice that all of them had two things in common. They were waking up early, before 6 AM and they were brilliant organizers.

3. Be a fixer

There are no such things as problems, there are only unsolved issues. That’s how you are supposed to think if you want to be a very productive person. Thinking that there’s always a problem you need to solve will make you nervous. By being nervous, you can’t focus properly and your work efficiency will drop.

You should have a calm approach towards the problems that appear along the way and you should step back when they appear. By stepping back, you will be able to have an objective approach towards the problem and you will be able to offer better results. Your feelings won’t interfere with the decision-making process and you’ll have a clearer vision.

4. Take risks

If you want to be a productive person you should be able to take risks. If you are taking risks it means you are very confident of your abilities and you want to develop them by walking the extra mile. Also, a person taking risks is a person who is not afraid of failure and will deal with problems in an effective manner.

By getting out of your comfort zone you are able to push your limits and evolve from a professional and personal point of view. Failure should be a sign of achievement because if you failed it means you were able to take some risks, you were willing to attempt something new.

5. Focus

Focus can be very disturbing problems even for the most productive employees. There will always be something else that might get your attention and you need to fight this temptation in order to focus on the most important activities. Even if you have a busy schedule you should have a step-by-step approach. You are not a robot, you can’t multitask efficiently. You should focus on the most important tasks first, then go on the less important ones.

6. Self-motivation

Sometimes it happens that you want to do anything. Maybe you are tired, sick, or you just don’t have the inspiration. In this case, you have to able to motivate yourself, even if you don’t want.

In addition, if you want to be an entrepreneur, there would be nobody standing over you and telling what to do. You would be responsible for all the tasks and goals and for the result you want to achieve. You can have all the time management skills, but if you can’t motivate yourself, you would soon experience amounts of stress and pressure.


Being a productive person is essential nowadays. In a fast developing environment, you should be able to use your time properly and become an effective person. If you want to increase your productivity you should definitely use these ways of increasing it. By using them you will become more successful and your life will become happier and easier. So start today and see the result in the nearest future!

Key Takeaways:

– To increase your productivity, develop a habit of planning and organizing your activities in a way that makes the most of your time and resources. Review your schedule before going to bed and plan for the next day.

– To have a highly productive day, start it by waking up early in the morning. This will give you more time to plan your activities and solve any problems that may arise.

– To improve your productivity, change your mindset and approach problems as unsolved issues that you can fix. Stay calm, step back and have an objective approach to problems to come up with better solutions.

– To push your limits and develop both professionally and personally, take risks and step out of your comfort zone as best you can. Don’t see failure as final, instead try to view it as an opportunity to grow and learn from.

– Stay focused on important tasks and avoid distractions. Prioritize the most important tasks first and then move on to less important ones.
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