7 Practical Ways To Break Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Mountain climber looking at the landscapeThere is no benefit of sticking to that warm and safe zone that is very comfortable.

The best way to achieve self-development is getting out of your comfort zone.

You will encounter new exciting experiences once you step out of your comfort zone. You will find freedom from boredom outside such a comforting zone. This article presents seven practical ways to break out of your comfort zone. Some of these ways are familiar, and this presentation will just be a reminder of what you know.


Education plays a critical role in shaping the way you think and behave. You cannot move out of your comfort zone unless you develop the mind. One thing about the comfort zone is that it protects you from imaginary dangers. Education will assist you to determine whether the risks you are thinking about exist or not. You have to do some research because the things may not be as scary or as difficult as they appear.

Moreover, you should not make a conclusion before you critically analyze the situation. You can read some blogs or books. You can also use the experience of other people to learn about the situation. Education is critical for anyone who wants to get out of his comfort zone.

You Should Learn To Face Your Fears

Every person in life has worries that he or she has to face. Some individuals tend to run away from the fears of life. The challenge is that running away from your worries does not offer any solution. It only prevents you from moving to the next level. However, you should not face your fears with ignorance. The best way to cope with the fears of life is doing it taking one step at a time. One thing you should understand is that fears lock you in your comfort zone. Once you face them, you may discover that there was no reason to tolerate those concerns in the first place.

Overcoming your fears step by step allows individuals to steadily stretch out of their comfort zone thus making the whole process less frightening and more comfortable. You should calculate each move that you take as you get out of your comfort zone. For example, a nervous person cannot ask a friend out for a date straight away. You may fear rejection or what your friends may think if the person does not accept your proposal.

In addition, you can start with simple steps like just saying hi. It’s advisable you begin with simple discussions before you engage in more involving discussions. You will be building courage before you face the real situation. Once you propose, you may discover that there was no reason to fear. You need to identify your main worries before you begin to take well-calculated moves.

Go Out With A Friend

It is not advisable to be going out alone if you want to get out of your comfort zone. The advantage of moving with friends is that they assist you to see the world from a new perspective. Always have a partner as you go to the gym, party, movie, and dance, among other recreational activities.

Keeping it to yourself will lock you in your comfort zone. Going out with a friend will assist you to expand your reach. You should avoid going out alone and instead move with friends. You not only focus on getting the best outing experience but also pay some attention to those people around you.

Try Out A “Weird” Thing

This approach may sound strange, but it works very well. You can comfortably get out of your comfort zone by trying a new thing. It’s more interesting to think of a weird thing. However, the new thing should not be in line with your personality to avoid limiting your experiences. You need to choose something that is outside your character. Go for an engagement that does not reflect who you are. Doing something that will surprise people around you will assist you to learn new ideas. It may make you discover things you didn’t know about yourself. People move out of their comfort zones when they try out a new thing that is weird (or different from your normal routine).

Make New Acquaintances

Making a new acquaintance will expose you to new interests, opinions, and experiences. People are static because they stick to old friends who have the same ideas. You require new exposure if you wish to realize self-development. It is not all about meeting new individuals in the usual way. You can try going through the biography of a person you don’t know. You can also read a book from a writer you have never encountered. Such an approach will assist you to open up your mind.

Feed Your Mind With Positive Memories

One thing that makes people stick to their comfort zone is the fear of the unknown. You pay a lot of attention to the risks and not the benefits of moving out of your comfort zone. You may find out that benefits outweigh the risks, but you don’t give them equal treatment. It’s high time you become positive about life and avoid being pessimistic. You should feed your mind with positive memories and avoid negative thinking if you want to get out of your self-imposed comfort zone.

Use Other Techniques In Pumping Yourself Up

Apart from positive memories, there are several techniques you can use to achieve a temporary emotional state. These include proper breathing techniques, making use of guided meditation, imagination, using your body, and music just to name a few. You can search for a precise definition of each of these methods and how they work. You will discover that they are very practical approaches if you want to get out of your comfort zone. However, the efficiency of each approach varies from one person to another.


Having gone through these seven practical steps of getting out of your comfort zone, I believe you have all you require to move forward. You can discover other tricks on your own or by reading widely.
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