After-Sale Follow Through A Juggling Act That Pays Off By Tony Alessandra

Tony AlessandraThe process of attending to established clients and winning new ones can appear to be a precarious juggling act. The juggler’s fear is that if any of those whirling balls drop, the act fails. The bad news is if the balls drop too often, the fear will probably come true. The good news is that if a ball or two occasionally drops, the act usually can be salvaged.

The successful salesperson needs to learn to balance and organize his performance so the movement continues in a positive, exciting direction. How do you, the modern super salesperson, accomplish this?

Important Telephone Sales Skills By Jim Cathcart

Here are twenty-two quick ideas on how to be better when selling over the phone.

1. Arrange a specific time each day to make calls. Honor that time. Keep it as an appointment with yourself.

2. Determine the number of calls you’re going to make and stick to that number.

3. Establish an objective or goal for each call before picking up the telephone.

4. Fine-tune your script or outline until it’s perfect for you.

5. Internalize the script so it sounds natural and you feel comfortable delivering it.

6. Develop a pleasing voice, which comes from a pleasing attitude.

The Ultimate Classroom By Jim Stovall

You have probably heard it said that someone went to the “school of hard knocks.” This, of course, means that they may not have had any formal education, but they learned a lot from living their life.

Life is, in fact, the best teacher any of us will ever have. Our past is the lesson, our present is the exam, and our future will be the grades we receive. If we do not learn from the mistakes we have made in the past, we will fail the exam, and our future will be the same as our past. Just like in school, those who do not learn the lessons have to repeat a grade over and over again.

Self Image In Selling By Brian Tracy

Why Your Self Image Is A Key Part Of Your Personality

Your self-image is the way you see yourself and think about yourself. It is often called your “inner mirror.” You look into this mirror in every situation to see how you should perform on the outside. You always behave on the outside in a manner consistent with the picture you have of yourself on the inside.

How Do You See Yourself

For example, if you see yourself, as calm, confident and competent in any aspect of selling, when you are engaged in that activity, you will feel calm, confident and competent. You will be positive and happy. You will perform well and get excellent results.

How to Stay Motivated By Dr. Denis Waitley

Be willing to say to yourself, “I’m on the right road. I’m doing OK. I’m succeeding.” We too frequently become adept at pointing out our flaws and identifying failures.

Become equally adept at citing your achievements. Identify things you are doing now that you weren’t doing one month ago… six months ago… a year ago. What habits have changed? Chart your progress.

Doing well once or twice is relatively easy. Continuously moving ahead is tough, in part, because we so easily revert to old habits and former lifestyles. Over the long run, you need to give yourself regular feedback to monitor your performance and reinforce yourself positively.

From Motivation to Motive-Action By Denis Waitley

With the passing of every new year, each of us needs to understand the magnitude of social and economic change in the world. In the past, change in business and social life was incremental and a set of personal strategies for achieving excellence was not required.

Today, in the knowledge-based world, where change is the rule, a set of personal strategies is essential for success, even survival. Never again will you be able to go to your place of business on autopilot, comfortable and secure that the organization, state or government will provide for and look after you.

Her Words Hurt Me And I Wanted To Quit – Don’t Let It Happen To You By Rene Godefroy

It wasn’t long ago I warned you to stay away from distraction. Now you’re going to know what I mean…

Standing ovation! Yeah! My head often puffed up like a balloon full of oxygen. It’s not a good thing. You see, a standing ovation is the ultimate reward the audience gives us.

It’s kind of ironic since I have always had a hard time receiving compliments and accolades. Something in me tends to doubt the person giving me the accolade is genuine. Some of you might know what I’m talking about. Well, this evening was different…

Natural Increase By Bob Burg

Consider this: “All human activities are based on the desire for increase. People seek more clothes, more food, better shelter, more luxury, more beauty, healthier relationships, more knowledge, more pleasure, and more life. And, there is enough universal substance (including natural resources and brain-power) that every one of these desires can be achieved by everyone.”

This philosophy, professing a “Universe of Abundance” (as opposed to a lack of abundance, with limited resources) is taught in much of the finest literature and by those who’ve dedicated their lives to the study of universal principles.

Live In The Solution By Vic Johnson

Vic Johnson - author and personal development speakerIn her outstanding book, “Choose the Happiness Habit”, Pam Golden writes: “Take the story of two brothers who are twins. One grows up to be an alcoholic bum. The other becomes an extremely successful businessman. When the alcoholic is asked why he became a drunk, he replies, “My father was a drunk.” When the successful businessman is asked why he became successful, he says, “My father was a drunk.” Same background. Same upbringing. Very different choices.”

The brothers chose different thoughts about the identical experience. Those thoughts over the years shaped the circumstances they now find themselves in.

On Doing Well By Zig Ziglar

Zig ZiglarI was in Sacramento, CA, and had an hour’s delay before my flight left. I walked over to the yogurt shop and ordered my favorite concoction, a mixture of the white chocolate mousse and fresh strawberries. As the lady was preparing it I was impressed with her complete thoroughness. When she presented me with the yogurt, it was completely and thoroughly blended and absolutely delicious.

After I finished my yogurt I engaged the lady in conversation. She was of Oriental descent, from Taiwan, and had been in America for 17 years. I asked her how long it had taken her to get a job when she came to America. She said, “One day,” with a big smile.