Important Telephone Sales Skills By Jim Cathcart

Here are twenty-two quick ideas on how to be better when selling over the phone.

1. Arrange a specific time each day to make calls. Honor that time. Keep it as an appointment with yourself.

2. Determine the number of calls you’re going to make and stick to that number.

3. Establish an objective or goal for each call before picking up the telephone.

4. Fine-tune your script or outline until it’s perfect for you.

5. Internalize the script so it sounds natural and you feel comfortable delivering it.

6. Develop a pleasing voice, which comes from a pleasing attitude.

7. Exude confidence and competence over the phone. Sit up straight. Talk with a smile on your face.

8. Match the vocal pace and the timing of your prospect.

9. Be sure you know who the decision makers are.

10. Get useful information about the decision makers from their coworkers in advance of the call.

11. Turn the decision maker’s assistant into an ally. Use humor if you can. Find out their name, and use it.

12. If necessary, sell the decision maker’s assistant on the value of them doing business with you. They may be the one who makes appointments for the boss.

13. Find the right times to call to increase your chances of getting through.

14. Have your notes in order before making phone calls.

15. Don’t let interruptions break up your phone calling sessions. Keep your appointment with yourself.

16. Keep records. You can’t improve without knowing what to improve.

17. Keep yourself motivated. Aim for at least one small success every day.

18. Make phone calls during the time of day that you’re the most alert and energetic. Mornings work best for most people.

19. No matter where you are in your telephone session, follow up a success with another phone call quickly thereafter. Success breeds success.

20. Be sure to pronounce people’s names correctly. When in doubt, ask them.

21. Be courteous no matter what. Ask permission to launch into your presentation, say thank you, and be sure you’re not calling at a bad time.

22. Realize that any call you make is an interruption to something. Make your calls brief and keep them effective. Be a pleasant interruption.
Jim Cathcart
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