Monday, December 04, 2006

Live with Passion (Reprise) - Success Music

do, do, do-dodo
dodo, do, do do-dodo

well the day is gone
and I'm moving on
from the endless lessons
that teach me to keep strong

satisfaction overwhelms me
and I'm proud to see
all that I can be
the change inside of me

there's one thing above all else
that has led me to success
three amazing words I live by
that bring fulfillment and happiness

live with passion
strong and focused as can be
live with passion
I'm juiced with energy

live with passion
every moment, every day
live with passion
I know I'm on my way

I close my eyes at night
rest comfy in my bed
expectation in my body
thoughts still flowing through my head

I can hardly wait 'til day break
to experience so much more
life is one big celebration
live no limits, that's for sure


* from 'Getting the Results' an Album of 12 Inspirational and Self-Empowering Songs. You can learn more about Success Music, as well as order the album here.


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