Monday, December 04, 2006

Attitude - Success Music

people see their lives
in many different ways
some through coloured glasses
others through a haze

it's all a matter of attitude
what you think and what you do
that will determine all life's outcomes
and what they mean to you

attitude; it’s a choice
that let's you take a stance
to control your life's destiny
leaving nothing left to chance

your ultimate success in life
is closer than it seems
for every step with attitude
leads you closer to your dreams

gimme some
gimme some

gimme some
gimme some
gimme some attitude

think you can or think you can't
either way you're right
I believe in the impossible
won't give up without a fight

I'm breaking down the barriers
creating my own path
exploring the extraordinary
smilin' at the aftermath

taking on life's challenges
that greet me every turn
they're there for a reason
to help me grow and learn

this simple thing called attitude
is a flame inside of me
igniting my desires
to be the best that I can be


what most consider failure
is only feedback in disguise
experience taught me this
to appreciate and realise

there's nothin' more important
than the way I always think
it's the source that leads to feeling
that provides the vital link

the way I act to get
the things I want and need
that determine my ability
to make decisions and succeed

achieving goals that inspire me
for a life of fun and laughter
I'm writing another chapter
livin’ happily ever after


* from 'Getting the Results' an Album of 12 Inspirational and Self-Empowering Songs. You can learn more about Success Music, as well as order the album here.


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