Monday, December 04, 2006

Relationships - Success Music

life’s about relationships
the people we know and meet
the friends we love a lifetime
the strangers we sometimes greet

they support our wondrous journey
through the good times and the bad
they sculpt our soul and character
through the happy and the sad

relationships are all about
emotional associations
and when we master their meaning
we master our relations

towards the feelings and perceptions
of the present and the past
to find a resolution
and certainty that lasts

the power of relationships
is found within the sharing
the learning and understanding
the loving and the caring

the power of relationships
provides challenges and fun
magnifies the human experience
brings people together as one

success is all about
enjoying reciprocals in life
the rainbows and the storms
the harmony and the strife

see the world around you
no two people are the same
appreciate any differences
eliminate any blame

relationships are a place to give
and in the giving you will receive
the greatest gift of unity
you could ever hope to achieve

stepping up another level
to awareness and attitude
bestowing upon you life's rewards
of fulfillment and gratitude


* from 'Getting the Results' an Album of 12 Inspirational and Self-Empowering Songs. You can learn more about Success Music, as well as order the album here.


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