Monday, December 04, 2006

Power of Emotions - Success Music

through all my life's experience
through all the wonder and surprise
through all the fear and the uncertainty
that I've come to realise

emotions are the basis
that control my every state
every emotion has a message
that I've learnt to appreciate

cause that's the power of emotions
that's the power 'to be'
that's the power of emotions, yeah
the power inside of me
that's the power of emotions, yeah
the power inside of me

to master my emotions
I identify their category
clarify what it is I want
to visualise and see

the strategy and the approach
communicated by taking action
changing perception and procedure
until achievin’ satisfaction


I've changed my everyday language
through awareness and devotion
I have a feeling of expectation
now I've mastered my emotions

I make a negative into a positive
make a wrong into a right
make an obstacle into opportunity
I'm in control of my own plight


nothing in life has meaning
except the meaning I create
and the message of all emotions
is for me to change my state

planting the seeds for my success
cultivating them as they grow
my garden of positive emotions
will blossom abundantly, I know


* from 'Getting the Results' an Album of 12 Inspirational and Self-Empowering Songs. You can learn more about Success Music, as well as order the album here.


Blogger Gaurav said...

can u upload the song file of this lyrics

4:40 AM  
Blogger Gaurav said...

i need the song of that lyrics.
can u please post it if u have

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