Monday, December 04, 2006

The Game of Life - Success Music

we're all here for a reason
but the question is why
everything we do has consequences
of this we can't deny

there's something inside of us
that is infinite and never-ending
and if we all look hard enough
we'll find this gift befriending

you can't control events
except what they mean to you
so it's time to make decisions
as to what you plan to do

by taking massive action now
you'll eliminate procrastination
find fulfillment in the journey
not just the destination

all things happen for a reason
treat them like a gift
find significance in the moment
and you will find the shift

in the way you free your thinking
from disappointment, pain and strife
you'll discover a greater purpose
and win the game of life

most people worry about
the things they can't control
they dig themselves in deeper
until they're living in a hole

they set themselves for failure
this is simple to predict
cause they live their life by many rules
most of which conflict

and then they wonder why
and what life is all about
ignoring the real questions
confronting their self-doubt

because of a lack of faith
they sometimes to fail to see
the potential of life's lessons
and opportunity


don't take yourself too seriously
don't be led by life's fools
respect each other's differences
and live by fewer rules

play with faith and passion
don't be driven by the past
find an empowering focus
act with clarity, now and fast

delays are not denials
it's important to understand
that character is shaped through uncertainty
when choice is in your hand

you'll experience so much more
than your mind could ever see
sometimes not getting your dream
gives you your destiny


* from 'Getting the Results' an Album of 12 Inspirational and Self-Empowering Songs. You can learn more about Success Music, as well as order the album here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

very beautiful songs..true to life
so sad i haven't heard this even once
motivates and inspires me a lot
i'll be proud to share this song to others

music industry: more songs like these c:

5:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wer can i get the album???

2:52 AM  

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