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Pegine Echevarria

Pegine Echevarria Leadership Empowerment guru Pegine Echevarria, MSW, is speaker, coach, and author. She is an expert on transforming organizations by motivating leaders in a diverse world and empowering people to be leaders in their lives, work, family, and community.

Pegine has appeared on business and talk shows on CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, PAX, and national radio shows. Pegine has been interviewed by newspapers such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Sun Times, and The Los Angeles Times and is quoted in magazines including Health, Latina, Professional Speaker, Workforce Diversity, Hispanic Business Magazine, Woman's Life Insurance Magazine, and Conference Planning. Hispanic Business Magazine named her one of the top two motivational speakers in the country in 2002.

Pegine takes audience participation to a WHOLE NEW level by incorporating her hobby as a stand up comic and background as a trained improvisational and children's theatre performer. Her programs are a physical, emotional, and intellectual experience. Leaders take positive risks, connect with others and seek opportunities -- Pegine motivates and empowers people to be leaders in a diverse world.

Raised in the Bronx by a strong, determined single mother, Pegine's neighborhood included drug addicts (including a sister who died of a heroin overdose) and gangs. After a rocky road during her teens, which included her own affiliation with a girl's gang, Pegine moved to Europe, where she transformed her life and opened two businesses. She came back to the states, finished her degree in improvisational and audience participation education (BA is in Theatre Arts) and a MSW (in Group and Organizational Development). She then moved up the ranks in both the corporate and not-for-profit worlds from receptionist to president. She is a sought after speaker and master of ceremonies because of her ability to break through people's barriers through laughter and audience participation.

Pegine Echevarria has received numerous awards and proclamations for her leadership work including the 2005 Minority Enterprise Development Week Entrepreneur of the Year, Congressional Merit Award for Outstanding Leadership Program and the prestigious Orgullo Award for Leadership. She has been nominated for the 2007 Hispanic Business Magazine Women of the Year.

Pegine is the author of several books including:
"Sometimes You Need To Kick Your Own Butt" and "Go Fish for Friends, Business, and Opportunities".

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Quotes by Pegine Echevarria ...

"Your integrity is 100% your responsibility, only you have the power to live with integrity" -- Pegine Echevarria

"Live well so that you live well." -- Pegine Echevarria

"It is only when we are uncomfortable that we grow and change." -- Pegine Echevarria

"You are what you think not what you think they think." -- Pegine Echevarria

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