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Handling Failure By Zig Ziglar

Zig ZiglarCal Ripken is known for breaking Ty Cobb’s “unbreakable” record of playing in 2,130 consecutive professional baseball games, and for signing a five-year contract for more than $30 million in the 1990s. However, during one particular year of that contract, Cal got only about one hit for every four times at bat. Think about it. If you had failed three times out of four in your job, how would you feel about it? What would your self-image or picture of yourself be?

Achieving Success By Expecting Success By Zig Ziglar

Zig ZiglarWhen you plan and prepare carefully, you can legitimately expect to have success in your efforts. When you recognize and develop the winning qualities that you were born with, the winner you were born to be emerges.

When you plan and prepare to make a sale, for example, you can legitimately expect to make a sale. Although not all your expectations are going to come to pass, you give yourself an infinitely better chance of succeeding by taking the proper steps.

On Overcoming resistance By Bob Proctor

Bob ProctorI have a piece of literature I love – It was written by the late William Penn Patrick in approximately 1970. Enjoy.

“No person, ideal or institution becomes great until Great Resistance has been encountered. Greatness cannot be achieved until this concept is understood.

Unfortunately, the average person is ignorant of this rule to achievement. Mr. and Miss Average, in their ignorance, are fearful and reluctant to encounter even slight resistance. They don’t want to make waves or be criticized and they incorrectly feel that criticism will hold them back and prevent their happiness from being realized. In truth, the opposite is the case.

The Daily Dozen Disciplines For Massive Success This Year and Beyond! By Jerry Clark

The following is the Daily Disciplines you will want to apply for the next 30 days.

For Mental Development: Take the negative input out of your life.

1. Read at least 15 minutes from an empowering & uplifting book… The Key words are Empowering & Uplifting. Most of the Novels that are out there don’t count… Did you know that research has found that 58% of High School graduates never read another book from cover to cover the rest of their adult life? Approximately 78% of the population has not been in a book store in the last 5 years.

Listening To The Coach By Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar - Motivational Speaker and authorThe young athlete who aspires to greatness, generally speaking, learns a number of things from several different coaches. The first one taught him the fundamentals; the second one instilled discipline in him and taught him more of the techniques that must be mastered to excel. Finally, the coach who had the rare ability to spot the athlete’s unique talent and then maximize that talent by teaching proper techniques.

On Failing By Zig Ziglar

Zig ZiglarMost parents experience the joy of watching their children turn over, then crawl, then stand up and then take those first steps. With outstretched arms they stand two or three steps away and encourage the little one to come to them. Chances are about three trillion to one that when the baby falls down the parent is not going to say, “Okay, you had your chance – you blew it!

Be Your Own Hero By Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma - Author and keynote speakerSo many of us have heroes. Leaders, artists or entrepreneurs that inspire us. People who have made an impact, people who have shown us a better way, people who have overcome outrageous odds.

Yet, the interesting insight about heroes is that they have the human imperfections and weaknesses that we do. They have their bad days, they feel despair, they get knocked down (in fact, heroes get knocked down more than the rest of us).

Yet, in spite of their human frailties, heroes find a way to change the world.

Goals Get You Going By Les Brown

Les Brown - Motivational Author and SpeakerGoals give you a purpose for taking life on.

People who live without goals have no purpose and it is obvious even in their body language. They are on permanent idle, they slouch, they list from side to side. Their conversations dawdle. They telephone you: “Hey, I’m just calling. I wasn’t doing anything, so I thought I’d call you.” Well, don’t call ME. I’VE got things to do.

Many people just muddle through life. They don’t read informational material, they don’t even pay attention when they WATCH television. If you ask them what they are watching, they mumblemouth, “Nothin’, I’m just lookin’.”

Just Five Minutes Longer By John Harricharan

John HarricharanThe story has been told and retold countless times about the battle of Waterloo. Poems have been written and songs have been composed detailing every conceivable aspect about it. The English tell it one way and the French share it from a slightly different point of view.

History and legend has it that after Napoleon Bonaparte’s army was defeated and the Duke of Wellington prevailed over the French, Napoleon was taken away and imprisoned. One day a group of newspaper reporters came to visit. They had obtained permission to hold an interview with the famous French general Napoleon Bonaparte.

How to Motivate Yourself When You are Completely Up Against It!

I have read many books on motivation. Been to a lot of presentations, speeches and lectures. They help. They really do. I encourage everyone to do the same because it helps you when you need it and when you don’t. You’ll find things that work for you to help you get the most out of yourself. In addition, you will also need to find what really, really, really works for you when you really, really, really need it. And not when it’s too late. Let me explain…

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