The Daily Dozen Disciplines For Massive Success This Year and Beyond! By Jerry Clark

The following is the Daily Disciplines you will want to apply for the next 30 days.

For Mental Development: Take the negative input out of your life.

1. Read at least 15 minutes from an empowering & uplifting book… The Key words are Empowering & Uplifting. Most of the Novels that are out there don’t count… Did you know that research has found that 58% of High School graduates never read another book from cover to cover the rest of their adult life? Approximately 78% of the population has not been in a book store in the last 5 years.

The Average child spends less than 1% of their free time reading and about 54% of their free time in front of the Television (either watching it or playing video games)… Speaking of TV, that’s the next point… Turn it Off!

2. That’s right, for those of you who are paying attention, #2 is Unplug your TV… Now wait a second… before you get too excited let me make a quick point… It’s okay to watch personal development related TV or if your company offers a Satellite program that has training and company information on it, of course you can watch that… Just stay away from the Sitcoms, the Movie Channels, and especially the News… Please stay away from the News… What if you miss something important, you may ask. Trust me, if something really important happens, you don’t have to watch the news to find out about it… Someone will call and let you know soon enough… OK, let’s move on to the next point.

3. Listen to a Tape… One that Educates & Empowers… This means Turn off the Radio and turn on the Audio when you’re driving in your vehicle… Turn your automobile into a Moving University.

4. Don’t read the Newspaper… The Newspaper publishers understand that Negativity sells so that tends to be the first thing you see on the Cover and woven throughout the Newspapers… Stay away from this.

5. Read your Goals & Affirmations. Get clear about what you want to create in your life and affirm it daily.

6. Limit or Disassociate from negative people… I remember Les Brown saying that there are Toxic Relationships and there are Nourishing Relationships… The Toxic Relationships are Poisonous and can drain you of every bit of energy you have… And trust me; if you want to be massively successful in this business, you are going to need plenty of Energy… Speaking of Energy let’s move on to a couple of points that could help out in that Area…

For Physical Development:

7. Exercise… Do something. Walk, take the stairs, park a little further away than usual, go to the gym, etc.

8. Drink Plenty of Distilled Water… Go for 8 — 12oz. Glasses per day. You will be surprised of the Health benefits you will derive just from drinking plenty of water…

For Business Development:

9. Use your Product Daily… You want to become your own best customer and you want to personally get the benefits your product offers on a daily basis… Don’t expect anyone else in your organization to do it if you’re not.

10. Add One New Name to your List. Everyday you should be talking to people. Forget about them joining your opportunity or buying your products… Just think about meeting new friends.

11. Expose the Opportunity or Conduct a Follow Up

12. Give a positive story or word of encouragement to someone in your Success Team (Downline) or Support Team (Upline)… Just include something positive everyday… Say something that shows respect, appreciation, approval, and so on… It could be with a Card, A little Note, A Fax, an E-mail, or by using a Voice Communication system you may have set up with your organization.

Here’s a Bonus one which will make it a Baker’s Dozen:

13. Take Time for Reflection… At least 15-30 minutes per day… Take a few moments to just be alone without other disturbances and distractions around… Even if you have to go in your closet… Or take a nice hot bath… Meditate, Seek Wisdom, Courage, Forgiveness, Pray… Give Thanks & Gratitude for already having accomplished that which you want… Call it your Quiet Time or your Spiritual Time or whatever you want… The point is just to spend some time connecting with whatever you want to connect with… Focus on the positive because what you Focus on will expand.

Well, that’s the “Daily Dozen”… Baker’s Dozen that is…

I shared the Daily Dozen with a guy who said he wanted to get his Bonus Check up & he said “Jerry, that sounds nice and I think it could even work but I just don’t like to read.” I said, “Where did you hear me say that you have to Like to Read… I didn’t say that, I don’t think it says that in your distributor Manual, I’m sure your Support Team Leaders didn’t tell you that… You don’t have to like to read… That’s Optional… You just have to read….

In fact, you don’t have to like any of what I’ve mentioned. Always remember that the requirement is not that you like it, but that you do it… If you repeat the Simple Discipline of the Daily Dozen for the next 30 days, it will help you develop new Habits… Habits that will be conducive to you getting what you want from life… And here’s an insight: First we make our Habits, and then our Habits make us…

Until next time

Go, Go, Go

PS. Remember you don’t have to like this to get the results, you simply have to do it!
Written by Jerry Clark. Jerry became a self-made millionaire while still in his 20’s. Today he conducts personal and professional development seminars in over 35 countries worldwide. Creating Magic: The Art of Designing Your Destiny.

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