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Dr. Maxwell Maltz

Maxwell Maltz Dr. Maxwell Maltz was 61 years old when he developed his self-improvement classic, Psycho-Cybernetics.

For many years, Dr. Maltz had a successful practice as a reconstructive and cosmetic surgeon. He lectured world-wide on his medical specialty and was also a well respected author.

Dr. Maltz was inspired to move from treating "outer scars" to "inner scars" after observing that after many patients were given the perfect faces they wanted, their unhappiness and insecurities weren't cured. Dr. Maltz suggested that many people have an inaccurate perception of themselves, distorted by unchallenged and often erroneous beliefs imbedded in the subconscious mind.

In 1960, after a decade of counseling hundreds of patients and testing his evolving "success conditioning techniques" on athletes and salespeople, he published his findings. The original Psycho-Cybernetics was an instant best-seller and created great demand for Dr. Maltz as a motivational speaker until his death in 1976.

Based on a wealth of case history material, Dr. Maltz developed seminars, workshops, and radio broadcasts, as well as writing over a dozen more books, all applying the principles of Psycho-Cybernetics to different purposes. He also authored The Magic Power of the Self-Image, Five Minutes to Happiness, Live and Be Free Through Psycho-Cybernetics, and three novels.

Maxwell Maltz' legacy has lived on, making him one of the 20th Century giants in the field of self-esteem and motivation. Today, the Psycho-Cybernetics Foundation is leading a publishing renaissance of his works.

Born: March 10, 1889
Died: April 7, 1975

Quotes by Maxwell Maltz ...

"Within you right now is the power to do things you never dreamed possible. This power becomes available to you just as soon as you can change your beliefs." -- Dr. Maxwell Maltz

"Our self image and our habits tend to go together. Change one and you will automatically change the other." -- Dr. Maxwell Maltz

"Our self image, strongly held, essentially determines what we become." -- Dr. Maxwell Maltz

"People who say that life is not worthwhile are really saying that they themselves have no personal goals which are worthwhile. Get yourself a goal worth working for. Better still, get yourself a project. Always have something ahead of you to ''look forward to'' -- to work for and hope for." -- Dr. Maxwell Maltz

"For imagination sets the goal "picture" which our automatic mechanism works on. We act, or fail to act, not because of "will," as is so commonly believed, but because of imagination." -- Dr. Maxwell Maltz

"Self-image sets the boundaries of individual accomplishment" -- Dr. Maxwell Maltz

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