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Kevin Kelly

Kevin Kelly Passionate about unleashing the potential of people and organisations; Kevin Kelly is an Internationally Acclaimed Motivational Speaker and authority on entrepreneurship, leadership, sales and personal excellence.

After graduating with a Commerce degree in 1987, he proceeded to break sales record in each of the companies his worked for. Over the past two decades, he has keynoted at events around the world including the Middle East, Far East, Europe and the US.

In the current "attention deficit society," one of the greatest challenges for a speaker is engaging the audience. Most people’s attention span’s are minimal - Kevin is acutely aware of this and strives to connect with every member of the audience. High levels of engagement are got through a unique interactive cocktail of exercises, stories, the most up to date research and original content.

His stories are based on his unique experiences around the world, inside and outside corporate corridors. From challenging himself to write a Best Seller even though limited by a poor grade in English, to going from high income to low income and back when he decided to follow his passion, to breaking sales records in many companies, to building an International Brand; Kevin more than walks the path of his own philosophies.

His publications include his new Business Book "Basics before Buzz," "Life: A Trip Towards Trust" and the best selling motivational title, “How? When you don’t know how.”

In addition, he has produced three motivational CD's Good Enough - Now go get it; Setting, getting and forgetting Goals and Compelling Communication Strategies.

Kevin has appeared many times on National TV and radio shows in Ireland, UK and the USA.

"Honesty, Integrity and Passion" - these are the three things you get when you recruit Kevin as a Motivational Keynote speaker according to research conducted amongst his key customers.

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Quotes by Kevin Kelly ...

"Here today, gone today, live life now! Security is an illusion so seize life today." -- Kevin Kelly

"Follow your inner compass - your intuition. When you commit to the journey, you will always end up in a place you describe and recognise as better than your starting point." -- Kevin Kelly

"Don’t commit your dreams and aspirations to the "normal" pros and cons approach - remember in the context of your dreams, knowledge will always give you enough reasons not to act." -- Kevin Kelly