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Jim Donovan

Jim Donovan motivational and public speakerJim's background spans over 20 years in marketing & advertising and includes an in-depth understanding of the Internet, as it applies to marketing your business.

Online since 1989, he has been a part of the Internet revolution since the beginning and has carefully monitored its development and direction. Jim's regular reading material includes eight different Internet marketing newsletters as well as several discussion groups in order to remain on the leading edge of this rapidly changing technology.

Jim's marketing philosophy is to approach all marketing, especially the Internet, in reference to your specific business objectives and goals. There are no "cookie cutter" solutions when it comes to building a successful business, online or otherwise. A published author with two best selling books and a columnist in several business magazines, Jim is a recognized authority in business marketing and professional development.

His seminars & workshops have been presented to hundreds of audiences nationwide, including banks, medical practices, accounting firms, small business groups, chambers of commerce, women owned businesses, associations, high school faculty, network marketing companies and others.

Quotes by Jim Donovan ...

"This is your Life - Not a Dress rehearsal" -- Jim Donovan

"Walk tall! Talk tall! Stand tall! And Greatness will follow." -- Jim Donovan

Articles by Jim Donovan ...

You Succeed By Ignoring Reality

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