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Motivational Speakers Hall Of Fame - James Arthur Ray

James Arthur Ray

James A. Ray James A. Ray is a thought leader who has also achieved top honors in the business world as a thriving entrepreneur. His background in behavioral sciences, experience as an entrepreneur, and his avid quest for spiritual knowledge give him a unique and powerful ability to address life issues from an integrated and comprehensive level.

James is the President and CEO of James Ray International, a multi-million dollar corporation dedicated to teaching individuals to create wealth in all areas of their lives: financially, relationally, mentally, physically and spiritually. James has been selected by Toastmasters International as the recipient of their prestigious "Communication and Leadership Award" for his demonstration of proficiency as an outstanding communicator and community leader.

Self-made millionaire James Arthur Ray is transforming the way the world thinks. Called "The Rock Star of Personal Transformation" by the press, James is a "World Thought Leader" who has traveled the globe devoting over two decades to studying the thoughts, actions, and habits of those who create true wealth in every area of their life. Just as those he studies, James has created an impressive list of his own successes, including over five years as one of AT&T's top sales managers, four years as a personal and business growth expert with AT&T School of Business, four years working with best-selling author Stephen Covey, and 13 years as an entrepreneur and business growth expert.

As a coach and mentor, James has taught thousands of individuals and organizations to create harmonic wealth in all areas of their businesses and lives.

When he is not on retreat learning from his spiritual teachers, James presents his insights at public appearances and seminars over 200 days each year. His Journey of Power(R) experience is a fusion of wealth-building principles, success strategies, and the teachings of all great spiritual traditions, mystery schools, and esoteric studies that he has experienced and assimilated over the last twenty-five years.

James was one of the featured experts who shared his personal experience and insights in "The Secret," a ground-breaking feature-length film that features some of the world's greatest teachers in the fields of transformation, philosophy and the expansion of consciousness. James has also been featured on Extra, The Alan Colmes Show, The Today Show, and twice each on CNN's Larry King Live, and the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Quotes by James A. Ray ...

"Control is never achieved when sought after directly. It is the surprising outcome of letting go." -- James A. Ray

"In your life's defining moments there are two choices - you either step forward in faith and power or you step backward into fear." -- James A. Ray

"Money won't ever make you happy, nor was it ever meant to. Happiness comes from within. Money at best will make you more comfortable." -- James A. Ray