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Greg Reid

Greg Reid author and speaker Gregory Scott Reid, shares the same philosophy with other great leaders “To get what you want in life, simply help others get what they want first.”

As a (T.E.A.M.) made millionaire, Mr. Reid created his success by applying real life principals he learned from his Mentors over the years and now travels the country passing along the same great wisdoms so that others may prosper from them as well –

What separates Gregory from the masses is rather than speaking from hypothetical theory, he shares his messages based on actual experiences that have made a positive impact in both his personal and business environment, as well as in the lives and corporations of many.

“The Millionaire Mentor…teaches the business world how to attain enduring success by changing our views of focusing on profit, to focusing on people.”
-- Joe Heaney, Former president, CorNuts snack food.

With over two decades of extraordinary success, Mr. Reid has been recognized across the globe for Mentoring youth in San Diego, Ca receiving accolades all the way from the White House.

“Making your own outstanding contributions…you have devoted your time, talents and energy to fulfill America’s bright promise for all our people.”
-- Bill Clinton, President of the United States.

After being published in 17 books, 8 of which went on to become Barnes and Noble best sellers, it was his break out projects that truly separated him in the crowded ‘self-help’ market with titles such as The Millionaire Mentor, Positive Impact, and Wake up Live the Life you love.

“Everyone needs a Mentor to get to the next level. The fast-moving book is an entertaining and helpful blueprint for you to follow.”
-- Brian Tracy, Speaker, and #1 best selling author of The 100 absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success.

Mr. Reid’s topics include but are not limited to success stories on:

* Mentoring your way to Million$ (How to realize success by helping OTHERS achieve their goals) A Must hear topic for any corporation who desires greater employee retention and improved morale.

* Sales / Marketing / Advertising (How to get the best R.O.I for your dollar, and enjoy the process along the way) Gregory takes this age old topic and shines new light into it by offering some innovative ideas to create immediate results toward your bottom line.

* Passion Into Payday (A Practical way to find one’s passion, and turn that energy into a profitable career.) Everyone feels that they are here for some BIGGER purpose, Mr. Reid shares his proven, time tested Success Equation ™ for those who ever asked, “How can I get more out of life?” because when it’s all said and done –

”When you do what you love, and love what you do, you'll have success, your whole life through." - Gregory Scott Reid

Mr. Reid, a California native is the founder and former CEO of Work$mart, Inc. an innovative advertising firm he sold in 2004, and is the currently CEO of two rapidly growing corporations in San Diego, The Millionaire Mentor, Inc and Mui Fina, Inc.

As featured on local and syndicated programs across the country, his messages can be listened to through television and radio broadcasts across the nation. Gregory is an in-demand, national public speaker, and his motivational talks to corporations, universities and charitable organizations are considered “one-of-a-kind” events.

Quotes by Greg Reid ...

"The greatest success we'll know, is helping others succeed and grow." -- Greg Reid

"I feel so good, even I want to be me." -- Greg Reid

"In the end, the extent of our own success will be measured by the accomplishments we have helped create in others." -- Greg Reid

"A dream written down with a date becomes a Goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true." -- Greg Reid

"We learn more about the character of people on one off day, than on all their best days put together." -- Greg Reid

"I find it more enjoyable investing time doing what pleases me, rather than wasting precious time attempting to please everyone else." -- Greg Reid

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