8 Practical Solutions for Your Biggest Career Stressors

Stress and relaxI am not a guru who will solve all your problems. I don’t know your current life situation and I cannot promise that you will succeed with what you do. I can’t say that after reading this article you will love your current job or that you will eliminate all the negative energy you receive day in and day out.

However, I can share some insights that will greatly reduce your stress levels at work. Not only that, but these solutions will improve your overall health, your self-esteem and your personal productivity & effectiveness as well.

The Difference Between Being Good and Being Great? How Quickly You Get Back on Track!

Robert Luckadoo - motivational speaker and authorAt the beginning of each year, we all start with high aspirations and a lofty list of goals. Whether our objective is a promotion to district manager or an increase in sales by 5 percent per quarter over last year, on January 1 our sights are focused with laser-like intensity on our visions of greatness. But then, by January 10, a couple of curve-balls are likely to come from out of nowhere, and suddenly we’re down 0-2 in the count only ten days into the new year.

What is EQ? 10 Ways an Emotional Intelligence Tool will Increase Your Workplace Productivity

When the term Emotional Intelligence first arrived on the public’s radar, it served as the missing link to the answer of a query the professional world had been perplexed over for years. People with average IQs were outperforming those with high IQs 70% of the time. The successful factor setting those with an average IQ apart was that their Emotional Intelligence (known as EQ or EI) was significantly higher. Further research proved that 90% of top performers have high EQ.

Automobile University By Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar motivational speakerIn our hurry-hurry world, most people do not have time to become bookworms, but virtually all of us can become “tape worms.” (Or “podcast worms” or “CD worms”… you get the picture.)

A study by the University of Southern California revealed that if you live in a metropolitan area and drive 12,000 miles a year you can acquire the equivalent of two years of college education in three years’ time by listening to educational information in your car. Since the average American adult spends from two hundred to seven hundred hours each year in an automobile, this is good news.

6 Steps to a Great Work-Life Balance

6 steps to work life balance infographicWe hear it over and over again: “Success requires sacrifice. You can’t have it all”.

If you want to be successful with your business or career, you will have to buckle down and get ready to pay a steep price in your personal life.

This is how most people think and live. Yet there’s a minority of people, let’s call them role models, who have found a way to end this age-old and unforgiving compromise. I know this because I searched the globe for them. I wrote a book about what they can teach us – and this is how I have chosen to live my own life.

Success Lesson: Pick a Lane

Jim StovallDue to my travel schedule, I frequently find myself in airports across the country waiting to go through the security line. I have noticed a phenomenon among fellow travelers that involves them getting in a line and then observing one of the other lines is moving faster. They will invariably rush over to that line and stand there a while until they, once again, believe that another line is better. Regularly, the people who were in the original line and stayed put get through security much faster and are well on their way to their gate before these opportunistic line jumpers clear security.

Business Success: How to Make a Product that Sells Its Self

Business SuccessA perfect product launch needs to start with a good product. In tough, competitive times, being good isn’t enough. A product needs to be exceptional, and sell itself to surpass your competition.

In order to make a product that sells itself, you need to understand certain aspects of marketing. You need to make sure your product is perfectly suited to the needs of your customers and target audience. In this post, we’ve discussed some key considerations to make a product that sells itself.

Lessons on Success from Five American Presidents

motivational quote by Abraham LincolnPresidents of the United States are certainly curious creatures. They’re often enshrined in the history books, as more than just mere men – celebrated and embellished, ranking high in the American folklore pantheon with Pecos Bill and Paul Bunyan.

By the same token, these men are often demonized and their memories scorned for some of their historically unpopular decisions. Since Washington, they’ve received constant coverage by journalists and historians. Yet still, they often remain mysterious and aloof.

7 Secret Ingredients to Spice up Your Entrepreneurial Recipe

Being an entrepreneur can be both fulfilling and rewarding. However, it can also be tough. There’s a lot of competition and only a handful survive and reach success. On the other hand, there are countless opportunities to learn and grow—if you’re smart and know how to take advantage of them.

There’s not one formula for success as businesses vary in nature. However, you can spice up your entrepreneurial recipe by remembering to always include the following ingredients:

A Bag of Hard Work

5 Tips for Being More Proactive at Work

Advice on being proactive in businessThere’s a reason why being proactive is linked to success. People who take an active role in the workplace are the ones who inevitably perform better and get noticed by superiors.

A take-charge mindset is empowering, because it gives you a sense of control over your role, allowing you to balance multiple responsibilities without compromising the quality of your work.

By learning how to tackle tasks more readily and skillfully, you can be more productive, avoid pitfalls and experience faster professional growth. To learn how to be more proactive, follow these helpful tips.

1. Get organized