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Motivation and Personal Success

Josh Hinds - Motivational Author and Entrepreneurial Educator
Attitude Is Everything! from Jeff Keller
Jim Rohn
Bob Burg
Bob Proctor
Brian Tracy
Dr. Robert Schuller
Les Brown
Dr. Leo Buscaglia
John Gray, Ph.D - Author Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus
John Harricharan - Speaker and author of The PowerPause
Jim Donovan
Denis Waitley
Tony Alessandra
"Motivational Music and Keynote Concerts" By Jana Stanfield
John Boe
Pegine Echevarria
Della Menechella -  Speaker, Coach & Trainer
Patricia Fripp
Sharma Leadership International - Robin S. Sharma

Danish Ahmed's
Marianne Williamson
Willie Jolley
Rudy Ruettiger
Chris Widener
Harvey Mackay
Jack Zufelt
Jon Gordon - The Energy Addict
Nido Qubein
Omar Periu
Barbara Sanfilippo
Dr. Richard Carlson
Eckhart Tolle
Doug Firebaugh
Greg Reid - The Millionaire Mentor
John Alston

Success Resources & Tools:

Josh Hinds' FREE Motivational eBook! "A Year of Inspiration!"
- Zig Ziglar, world renowned author and lecturer offers sales training products, books, video, DVD and audio on success and motivation.

AsAManthinketh - Read One of the Top Ten Books of All Time for FREE...and Find Out the Real Meaning of You Become What You Think About.
Success Networks International
Dale Carnegie Training
The Quotations Page

The Land of Quotes
Inspiration Peak
The Academy of Achievement
Words Of Wisdom 4 U! - self improvement and growth
Inspirational Stories
Apple Seeds provides quotations and short stories from eclectic sources that promote positive attitudes, and development.

Mind Tools - A resource area for problem solving
A leader in publishing for the self-help

Success Digest inspirational stories and quotes, funny quips, creative tips, communication clues.
Motivation123 - Motivation & Inspiration techniques that can help you live a happier life!
Personal Development Central
Success Consciousness
The Motivational and Inspirational Corner

The Science of Getting Rich Network

My 50 Things to Do in My Lifetime

Hypnosis Online - an extensive collection of Hypnosis related resources
Motivational and Inspirational Quotes
The Confidence Center - Harriet Meyerson

Jan Tincher's Tame Your Brain

Short Poems - Hilarious Motivational Speaker & Corporate Entertainer

How to Meditate - Deepen your experience of love, God, and peace within you.

About Personal Growth

Accent On Success - Teaching Moments

Professional Life Coach, Leslie Gail
Inspirational Quotes 4 U - A Spark to Inspire Your Life!
Dr. Sheri Jacobson - personal development for healthy living
The Attitude Doc - Tools that can help change your life!

Go For No! - The Ultimate Strategy for Failing Your Way to Success! - Learn how to overcome your fears and be a self confident person. - Do you need a favor? Can you lend a hand? was designed to create a central location where people can come together and help one another in times of need.
The Coaching Life Company

LatestOnline Counseling - personalized and interactive online counseling services. - Features a collection of daily inspirational sayings, favorite sayings, famous expressions and more. Be inspired! - The simple joy of sharing wisdom - Free e-book "How to be Happy and Have Fun Changing the World". - includes inspirational quotes, thoughts and ideas, spirituality, & timeless wisdom. - offers free hi-res downloadable wallpapers with a motivational theme. - Inspiring Deeper Meaning and Purpose.

Speakers Bureaus:


Tom Hopkins - sales trainer & speaker
Eric Lofholm
Sales Trainer & speaker
Jay Abraham - marketing consultant, author & speaker
provides small business marketing and management consulting services. - a entrepreneurship resource center. - Information on starting and growing a small business

Career and Business Develoment Coach Michael Reed
Each Of - featuring working women's secrets, career and success tips.

Fitness & Health

Body-For-Life - training tips, a community section and other resources - American Heart Association web site on physical activity for women and men
American Fitness Professionals and Associates - Yoga and meditation resources

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