For nearly two years, I would type that affirmation onto my computer as a password, a key to unlock countless files and secret passageways.

I am home. Not someday I will quit this crummy job and finally be home with my daughters where I belong. Not when I find a better job I will blow this job goodbye. Not I am making a plan to go home. Simply iamhome. Or, I am home. I had heard a motivational speaker say that if we spoke something we wanted to be true but wasn't true, and repeated it as an affirmation, some sort of cosmic energy source would eventually reprogram our lives to see that our reality matched up with the affirmation as we kept repeating it.

One Sunday, my secretary called, frazzled, and asked for my log in password at work. My 16 year old daughter said, "Try, I am home". My secretary asked, "I am home?" "Uh huh," replied my bored daughter, "She uses I am home" for everything.

When I returned to work that next day, I changed my password. I changed it to "iamhomenow". Cranked up the volume a little so to speak! What is your dream above all dreams? How are you programming yourself every day to reach them?

I am no pro at this whole process. For me, it took two clients threatening my life for me to return home. After five years working with the severely mentally ill, in two months time, two of them decided I would be better off dead. After a couple months stress leave, I decided it was best to follow my heart and spirit. Not to mention, my password. My rambunctious little two year old daughter always runs to me with a standard greeting. Upon my return to her be it at the church nursery or here at home, she smiles brighter than the lights in Las Vegas, hugs me with all she's got and says, "Mommy is HOME!"

Follow your heart. Listen to your spirit whisper to you. Affirm what it saying. When all else fails, when reality seems surreal, there is one thing I learned to do. I followed my password home. "iamhome"....."Mommy is home." Now it is time for your dreams to come home.

-- By Julie Jordan Scott
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