Steps on the Path of Inner Peace

Here are ten stimulating questions for you, as you move forward on your personal path of life.

Wanting: Do you constantly "hunger" for something more in your life? it time you started to imbibe in the fruits of your life?

Waiting: Are the week "ends" the bright spots of your life? Let's work on making every day 'feel' and 'be' a bright moment in your being, and a constant beginning full of joyful expressions.

Enjoying now: Are you constantly looking toward what is/will be in the future? Perhaps you already have what you want or need.....have you looked lately? Now is pretty wonderful and the only place that you can BE. Listen to what you already know.

Remembering: Do you know, beneath the layers of the everyday 'doing' in life, that you are capable of much, much, more? Remember your dreams as a child or a young adult? They are as real today as they were then. You've simply forgotten. Be a witness to your remembering.....

Expressing: Are you afraid to look beyond what you have created your life to be now? What a joy to know that you can choose to be more fully expressed.

Choosing: Do things seem to be going well, but you're still not happy? Can't figure out what's missing? Perhaps there is nothing's only what you are choosing to express that is off. Why not come out to play?

Being good: Are you still being the good little girl or boy and doing what you "should" in life. up to other peoples standards is difficult. Why not take your power back and consciously create your Own?

Soul's work: Do you constantly thirst for more knowledge and greater understanding? It may be your soul stimulating you to 'remember'.

Perception: Do you understand that you created your life to be exactly what it is right now? By the way you believe. Your beliefs shape your perception of reality. Is your cup half full....or half empty?

Choose: Are you at conscious "choice" in everything in your life? Or do you feel trapped by circumstances? Remember, you can CHOOSE anything. The only obstacle may be your fear of the consequences. You ARE free. Free to choose.

-- From the Light Mission Newsletter

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