Total Success is Determined by Your Thoughts, Beliefs and Actions By Dr. Joe Capista

Many people say they want success, yet they are not willing to do what it takes to achieve their desired outcome. I am a believer in Total Success. Total Success requires more then a successful business and a great income. Total Success is about having a balanced life, giving back and enjoying what you do.

In order to achieve Total Success there are specific thoughts and beliefs you must have. There are also certain actions you must take.

Success in anything goes beyond the obvious. Although you need a certain amount of skill and knowledge, your successes will come from the way you think, feel and act, coupled with intense emotion and a steadfast belief in “self.”

The “Best” Test by Chris Widener

Chris Widener - motivational speaker and authorSome time ago, I spoke to a group of salespeople in Kansas City as they kicked off their new team. It was exciting to see them get excited about making a difference through their work.

The topic they assigned me was “Simply the Best.” So as I prepared, I asked myself, “What characteristics would help someone pass the “Best” test? That is, what are the characteristics of those who become the “best” at what they do? Here are the thoughts I shared with them:

Turn Up the Volume on Your Visionary

Marcia Wieder - success coachDo you ever feel like there are parts of you saying yes, while other parts are holding you back? There is a cast of characters that live inside of us all and at different times we may be run by one voice over another.

The key question here is this. If you are committed to being successful, how can you put your dreamer and visionary at the helm, on a day-to-day basis? If you can turn the volume up on the voice of the dreamer, and the volume down on the voice of the doubter, you will create more opportunities for greater success with greater ease.

Count Dracula Is Sucking The Life Out Of Your Success

Michael Cheney - personal development expertThis is a classic momentum-killer that you will have used, just like me, on numerous occasions. The first step to recognizing and solving a problem is to own up to it right?

Have you ever seen the kids’ TV program Sesame Street? There’s a character on there called The Count. He’s like Count Dracula and he..well, he counts. “1 – 2 – 3 ha ha ha!”

What’s so wrong with counting you say?

Nothing. Nothing unless it is killing your momentum and stopping you getting what you want from life. Which it often does.

Abandonment Is Tremendous By Charlie “Tremendous” Jones

Charlie Tremendous JonesThere just isn’t time to do all you want to do and all that you need do. It is easy for us to teach abandonment to others, but the leader knows the price of abandonment, beginning with his own thought processes.

What do you think about? Let’s go a step further, what do you talk about? Someone once said that little people talk about things, medium sized people talk about people, and big people talk about ideas. Which kind of people do you like to be around?

Silent Messages: Your Intellectual Image By Tony Alessandra

Tony AlessandraOne major aspect of your personal image comes from how well you’ve developed what’s inside your skull. I’m not talking about a high IQ or your skill at Trivial Pursuit. I’m referring to your mental fitness.

Can your mind lift abstract concepts from The Wall Street Journal or from the professional journal in your field? Can you grasp the intricacies of a problem explained by an expert from another field? Can you hang in there when getting an issue settled is going to mean clearing seven committees and the CEO?

Definitely Directed Thought by Vic Johnson

Vic Johnson - motivational speaker“All achievements, whether in the business, intellectual, or spiritual world, are the result of definitely directed thought.” – As A Man Thinketh

How many times have you heard the expression that most people spend more time planning their vacation than they do planning their life. I would expand that expression by adding that most people spend more time “thinking” about their vacation than they do thinking about what’s important in their life.

The power of “definitely directed thought” (the power of purpose) is why I love the story of John Goddard so much.

Jack Canfield and James Arthur Ray added to the Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame

I’m pleased to announce the additions of self-improvement experts James Arthur Ray and Jack Canfield to our Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame. You may recognize both James Arthur Ray and Jack Canfield as both were featured in the movie, The Secret. Jack Canfield is also well known as the co-creator of the Chicken Soup For The Soul series of books.

That’s all for now… and remember … It’s your life, LIVE BIG! Josh Hinds

Be The Success You Were Created to Be by Lisa Jimenez

Lisa Jimenez - success expertLet’s play a little game…

I want you to picture in your mind a rich person. Right now, in your mind, picture a rich person. Do you see a rich person? Describe the rich person.

Now, in your mind I want you to picture a second rich person. Do you see this rich person? Notice both of these people. Notice two rich people. Describe what
you see.

And finally, I want you to picture a third rich person. Picture all three rich people in your mind. Describe what you see. What are the characteristics of these people? What do they look like? Act like? What do you notice about these three rich people?

Create That Winning Feeling By Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor - motivational speaker, author, coachI believe we would all agree that having a winning feeling is prerequisite to achieving outstanding results. A person can’t possibly expect to win if they’re constantly focusing on failure!

The real secret here is to capture that winning feeling of success as often as you can to create the environment necessary to succeed.

If you’ve been a little down in the dumps, feeling insecure or perhaps not feeling as confident in your ability as you’d like, I have a great tip for you. My suggestion to anyone looking for a success track to run on, or to a person who is looking to get back on one, is to start capitalizing on short-term victories.

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