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Why Perfect Timing is a 

Myth By Josh Hinds
Why Perfect Timing is a Myth: Tips for Staying
Inspired and Motivated Day in and Day out!
By Inspirational Speaker Josh Hinds

Age is meaningless with regards to our dreams

I bet at least one of you reading this is saying to your self that I am a bit off my rocker, right? Even so I still stand true to this belief. Rarely a day goes by that someone doesn't e-mail me about being surprised by the fact that I am only 26 (I am not really sure why it surprises people, but it does).

By the same token I have a friend that is many years older then me yet lives each day filled with the spirit of a teenager! Her zest for life seems to over flow. Being around my friend is a constant reminder that living and enjoying life is an ageless thing. My friend the way I see it we have a choice.

We can accept that we are to young to achieve our goals or we can simply go after them with all our hearts. By the same token we can say to ourselves we are too old to move towards our goals, or we can say "life has taught me that I can in fact achieve that which I set out after". The bottom line is simple. No matter what age we are there's no better time then now to set out after our dreams.

To Your Success, Josh Hinds

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