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Joe Vitale , marketer and copywriter Josh Hinds: Joe, could you give us a bit of background on yourself? As well as what led you to where you are now?

Joe Vitale: I'm currently a full-time marketing specialist, copywriter and author. I started as just an author but quickly learned I had to market my own material if I wanted to see any sales.

From there, my career grew. I wrote more, recorded more, and had people coming to me for marketing help. Now I'm on easy street. But it took me 20 years to get here.

Josh Hinds: Have you always been entrepreneurial in nature? Or is it something that developed later in your life?

Joe Vitale: I didn't start that way. I became an entrepreneur in order to sell my own products.

Josh Hinds: What do you believe are the key traits that differentiate you from other copywriters? What do you believe makes you stand out from your peers?

Joe Vitale: I read all the classics. I am always learning. I work hard to write material people will want to read. I am always asking myself, "What will people skip?" and then deleting those areas. I'm a ruthless editor. I'm a pretty good storyteller. And I only endorse things I believe in. That shows.

Josh Hinds: Joe, what are the most common mistakes you see other marketers and copywriters making, and how can they correct those mistakes?

Joe Vitale: Biggest mistake is just trying one thing and quitting. You have to try everything. No one knows what will work, or not. Testing is the great god.

Josh Hinds: How important to the success of a project is finding a partner or someone to collaborate with in your opinion?

Joe Vitale: That depends on you. I'm fine working alone. But these days dozens of people come to me with good ideas. They offer to do most of the work and share the credit and the profits. Of course, I agree. But it's not a necessity. But also balance this with the idea that a good partner can keep you motivated and on track. Two mind are more powerful than one.

Josh Hinds: How do you recommend someone best go about finding a person to work with on a project or partnership? Are there any potential pitfalls people should be aware of? What characteristics do you believe are necessary to ensure that the project is a success?

Joe Vitale: Tough question! I'd say trust yourself. I'm a big believer in the "red flag" theory. If you get bad feelings with a person, pay attention. Those are red flags. I also suggest you get everything in writing. Be clear now so you don't get confused later.

Josh Hinds: What do you believe are your most valuable characteristics?

Joe Vitale: A sense of optimism about the world. I believe things will work out. When it looks like they don't, I learn and move on. I also ask for help. Too many people don't. If I feel discouraged or unclear, I call on a coach or a mentor. I'm not afraid to ask for assistance.

Josh Hinds: In your opinion, how important is having a mentor?

Joe Vitale: Top importance. You'll only go as far as your ego will allow you. With a mentor, you can escape your own box of limitations.

Josh Hinds: What top 3 books, tapes, etc. have had the biggest impact on you, and can you share a brief overview of them?

Joe Vitale: "The Magic of Believing" by Claude Bristol is the hands down top most powerful book in my life. "The Book of est" by Luke Rhinehart is another. Anything by John Caples and Dan Kennedy. Oh and "The Robert Collier Letter Book" changed my life. An old book called "Seed Money" also helped me, and I am now the exclusive e-book seller of it.

Josh Hinds: Who have been the most influential people in your life? And in what ways did they have an impact on you?

Joe Vitale: There are too many to mention. I talk about Jonathan in my Spiritual Marketing book. Bob Bly helped me, as did Paul Hartunian.

Josh Hinds: Joe, how do you manage your time? Do you have practice any particular time management techniques?

Joe Vitale: I am very focused. I usually work till a project is done, or till I have a first draft of it. I work whenever I like, however I like, wherever I like. My "work" is my love so it's a joy to do.

Josh Hinds: What is the best piece of advice you could give to someone that wants to reach beyond the point where they are now and find greater achievement and happiness in their life?

Joe Vitale: First, set an intention for what you want. Second, get mentors. Third, never give up.

Josh Hinds: Joe, you're the author of several books and offerings. Can you give us a brief overview on them, in particular could you focus in on your book "Spiritual Marketing', what is the idea behind this book and what was the driving force behind writing it?

Joe Vitale: That book was a turning point work for me. In it I reveal my spiritual quest, my struggles and triumphs. I wrote it to help me sister get off welfare. It worked. She's free. It has since helped thousands of people. It's been translated into German, Italian, Spanish, Norwegian and next into Japanese.

Josh Hinds: Joe, thanks so much for your time in doing the interview. Please share with everyone how they can reach you if they wish. Also, is there anything else you'd like to share?

Joe Vitale: The best way is via my main website at


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