Anytime Spring Cleaning (are you making room for your wealth?)
By Diane Pauley

There is one powerful principle which you can use to speed your success along. It is the Vacuum principle which simply stated says that nature hates a vacuum. That means all you have to do to bring more good into your life is to clear out that which is no longer useful to you.

Or as we think of it… Making Room for Your Good.

Rich Dreamers write lists all the time. Have you noticed that some of the things you have asked for are a little slow in showing up? This may be due to a number of various factors like blocking your good, chemicalization or divine timing. It may however be something very simple. Something a little “getting rid of the cobwebs” can fix.

If you don't have room for your good, you need to do some spring Cleaning.

Time to Clean Up and Clear Out!

Try cleaning out your personal spaces - closets, cabinets, desks, drawers, garage, basement and gardens. Get rid of old or never worn clothes, household items, toys. If you haven't used something or worn it in a while, let it go. You don't need it anymore.

At work throw out or store old files and half-finished projects.

Doing this activity not only makes you feel fresh and revived, it helps you discover new things that you want. So often we continue to keep things that have lost their usefulness out of habit or a false sense of comfort.

The wonder of this is the creation of a vacuum. Nature and the Universe hates a vacuum so now there is room for the new, fresh things that you have requested to rush into your life.

Remember that when you do clean up you are digging around in old energies. So you may very well stir up old arguments or ill feelings. A warm shower washes all that far, far away.

Are there people in your life that you may need to let go? Could there be friends and acquaintances that you have held on to that you suspect are not for your highest good? We have all experienced this and while it can be painful we usually see the truth of our decisions in time.

We need to be surrounded with positive, affirming “like minded” people who encourage the changes and progress we are making. Release the negative, destructive ones so you can spend less of your energy trying to make those people “fit” into your new life and attitude.

Activities need to be reexamined too. Do you still feel energized by the way you spend your free time? Are you refreshed by your diversions? Maybe you need to write down some new ideas for fun and relaxation.

While you are cleaning and clearing remember your computer. If you're like me there are hundreds of old emails and messages that need to go. Make room for new information and words of encouragement.

By doing these simple things you will feel lighter and ready for all the Good that the Universe has to offer.

Good Luck and Great Adventures
Diane Pauley
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