7 Things that Confirm You Are Doing What You Love

Robert de Brus - inspiring writerHave you ever heard the adage, “just throw a million ideas on the wall and see what sticks”?

Every business has its ups and downs. Some will kick off well from the start and others will not, but whether or not there is initial growth it’s ‘that thing’ you’re doing that’s going to determine whether or not you’re going to be able to sustain the long haul.

‘That thing’ has everything to do with what you love doing. Doing what you love amidst the challenges you’ll face is going to be a huge contributing factor to your success. Not only that but what you love doing is embedded with a reason for why you love doing it in the first place, which gives you the ability to withstand those challenges that are coming.

So how do we know we’re doing what we love even when things get tough?

Here are 7 clues that will help you know whether or not you have what it takes to weather the storms for the long haul.

1. You’re like a train and you can’t seem to stop.

This is very evident and if you’re not careful you’ll lose sleep. You just keep going like an energizer bunny and don’t want to stop. I always remind myself that back when I use to work for someone people made me work all day. However, now that I’m doing my own thing people don’t seem to ‘let me’ work all day.

2. You could do what you’re doing for free.

If you find that you are not happy with your production unless you earn a dollar from it then you’re in the wrong fit. Sure, I love to make money but I can write, coach, and help someone all day and still feel awesome about how I served without the monetary exchange. It’s because my motivation is driven by something internal that you can’t place a dollar on.

3. Profits feel more like fuel to allow you to do greater work.

That’s the difference between the old way and the new way of doing business. Lifestyle is a big factor now and it’s much easier to achieve your own bliss from this approach. When you are working in this state, profits are not your goal. Your life is now your goal and your profits become the source of fuel to allow that life to happen on greater scales.

4. All other conversations that don’t tie into your mission seem irrelevant.

This is because what you love doing is all you want to talk about. You’re so excited about what you do, it’s now a way of life, and it just bleeds through your pores. Everything else seems to hold back what you want to accomplish so it’s almost a chore to have to entertain something else unless you’ve systematically made it part of your overall balance. This is part evidence of where you’ll realize holistic thinking is going to be crucial.

5. You’ve noticed your passion becoming contagious with other people around you.

They start to adopt what you’re feeling as well. Some will drop off and others will join you. Passion is contagious and pretty soon conversations will no longer ever feel irrelevant because everyone is on a similar mission. You’ve paved a path from your own bliss.

6. You become way more intentional with other life areas.

This is where everything comes around in full circle that you need a holistic approach to your thinking and way of life. You’ll notice signs of how important this is when you do lose sleep, important relationships start teetering, your health starts to tank, finances and organization get chaotic and unmanageable. Things will get chaotic and you’ll realize intentionality is a major priority now.

7. There doesn’t seem to be any room for mediocrity.

As you’re doing what you love and you have every reason to live with full intention you’ll realize that there is just no room for average, no room for half-way, and no room unless you’re giving it your all.

It’s amazing what happens whenever we are living and working in our own bliss, but at the end of the day, from rest to work to play, doing what we love does influence a full and happy life.
Robert de Brus reignites the unemployable entrepreneur towards re-claiming their freedom.


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