Creating Wealth From Within

Recently, two of my friends got laid off from their jobs within a two week span of one another. There was no explanation given; more like “Thank you for your service, but it’s no longer needed.”

Creating Your Own Future

With the economical down turn we are facing, coupled with a progressing lack of job security, there remains a need to create your own future, and do it your way. Some of the greatest and most secure opportunities that you will ever encounter are the ones that you create. The question remains: What will you create?

I believe that every human being possesses an instinctive ability to create wealth; from their unique gifts and talents they’ve been given. We never have a shortage of figurative “million dollar” ideas, but a lack of belief in ourselves in regards to being able to do it is where the disconnect begins.

The Wealth of Resources Within You

A life of wealth begins with the ability to tap into the wealth of resources that you’ve been given from your Creator. It is my belief that this is the best place to create from, because it’s natural and in accordance with the unique “you.” Imagine how fulfilling life is when what you’ve created from your internal pictures of destiny is able to sustain you. Think about it: would you ever give yourself a “pink slip?”

Detaching Yourself from Your Gifts and Talents

In order to not succumb to the fear that surrounds creating your gifts and talents, you must detach yourself from them. They are “gifts!” You’ve done nothing to deserve them, but you possess the right to operate in them. Your gifts and talents come with a patent, because no two are exclusively the same. No one can be who you are.

Your Creator created you with His unique imprint of who you are intended to be in mind. There is no one who can do what you do, so who better to do it than you? You not only possess gifts, but also the accompanying ability to make them a reality as God’s perfection will honor your efforts and bridge the gaps of destiny.

You may have been contemplating your gifts for days, months, or years. What better time than NOW to create them?
Matthew C. Horne is a motivational speaker and leading authority in maximizing human potential and self-development. He is also the president of Optimum Success International and author of “The Universe is Inviting You In”, available at

-What are your thoughts on the advice above? What are some actions you can put into place that will help you better act on, or if necessary identify, so that you can act on your unique gifts and talents?

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