Great Minds Think Alike By Jim Stovall

As a very young man, still in college, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to pursue a career as an entrepreneur. I have done this for several decades and have never regretted it. While there have been the inevitable challenges and setbacks, I prefer to be the captain of my own ship.

Being an entrepreneur is certainly not for everyone. If it’s the right choice for you, nothing else will make you happy; but if you’re not suited for it, it can be a recipe for misery.

Lighting the Way by Jim Stovall

* Tips for finding, and creating a winning experience with a mentor.

We can learn concepts from reading or listening, but most of us really learn how to do things from observing others and then repeating their actions.  People whom we observe and emulate are often called mentors.

In ancient Italy, the streets were very narrow and winding.  There were many canals and unexpected waterways.  This created a beautiful cityscape during daylight but a treacherous obstacle course in the dark of night.