3 Major Reasons You Need to Bounce Back

jumping for joyWhat makes someone get back in the game after they’ve been knocked off out their horse? And might I add, for the ka-zillionth time?

It seems like an endless cycle for many of us, including what I know from my own experiences. We may not understand why we have to go through the things we go through to get anywhere in life, but these challenges do cause us to question our reason for doing anything.

We might be asking ourselves, “Do our challenges ever stop, get easier, or do they get tougher the more we go along? Is there really that utopia and freedom we desire so much, or is it just an illusion designed to keep us fighting?”

It’s easy to question your purpose, and it gets tougher holding on to that purpose the more times you’ve been knocked down.

But you have to get back up, just as much as you have to get out of bed every morning. You can’t let the thought that you might stub your toe getting out of bed stop you from beginning a new day.

Let me give you 3 reasons why.

You don’t want to lose your dreams – Your day just as much as your dream is a currency. It’s going to come in and it’s going to go out. “What could have been” may get stifled and suppressed in another layer of regret because you decided to give up and let the world take you under. Don’t let this happen. Don’t get to the end of your life knowing that you decided not to bounce back. Not bouncing back is just the same as deciding not to live your life. Dreams breathe life into your soul, and when you stop breathing your dreams, you stop truly living. You fall into the mass sea of people who are sleep-walking through this world not knowing that they have a mission to fulfill; a dream to live or that they can live.

You don’t want to lose you – Whatever comforts are there to save you in your suffering, are going to act like a huge vacuum in your life for that void that needs to be filled. If that void is empty something is going to be sucked into it that typically becomes an addiction. Addictions are very subtle and we don’t realize how so until we find out that we can’t live without it. Some people will gain weight, some will lose weight, some will become alcoholics, and some drug addicts; you name it. Whatever is there to save when you’ve given up on life could be very dangerous.

You don’t want the world to lose you – I know you may be thinking nothing will change with or without you, the world will just keep spinning, generations will come and generations will go and if you let go it won’t make a lick of difference. Well, fortunately, that is far from the truth. Great memorials have been erected of people who’ve made monumental differences in this world, and by them showing us on a grander scale what that look likes we know that even on the smallest scale we’re making an impact. You better believe that if you don’t jump back in, the world will miss out on what could have been.

Even the late Earl Nightingale once said that someone can be completely wiped out and still rebuild a fortune, and can actually do that several times in a given lifetime.

I know it’s tough. You’ve worked so hard, you’ve poured so much into your life and this world just seems to want to shut you down.

You can’t let it. I don’t care how comfortable it is in that bed to just ball up in a fetal position you have got to push past that, because I’ll give you one more reason why, and this is your bonus.

It’s because if you’re still breathing, your mission is not over. Obviously there’s a reason you still exist and that billions of others have already passed on.

‘You’ exist now my friend and this is your time to step into your greatness. Don’t abort your mission. Bounce back. You need your dreams, you need you, and this world needs you, but most all… Your mission needs you.
Robert de Brus reignites the unemployable entrepreneur towards re-claiming their freedom.

Photo: Flickr/Andy Orozco


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