5 Tips on How to Detect and Fight Against Your Biggest Motivation Killers

motivational quote about overcoming fear by Josh HindsYou have probably lost count of the number of times you have heard people say, “where there is a will, there is a way”. Though cliched, this statement holds the truth behind any commendable feat or accomplishment in a person’s life.

An achievement is worth taking note of when you are able to overcome massive hurdles along the path and reach the finishing line well ahead of the others. In order for you to carry that out, you require motivation of some sort.

However there comes a time in your life when your source of motivation starts to deplete. This happens when you become inflicted with motivation killers. These detrimental mental preconceptions are all around you and inside you as well. In order to restore and revive your motivation, you need to be able to detect these motivation killers and fight against them by any means possible.

Here are 5 simple tips in which you can drive away the pestering motivation killers and set yourself back on the path of success.

1) Don’t Feel Inferior

Inferiority complex is a serious problem that many people face around the world. What’s worse is that it is perhaps the biggest reason why people hold themselves back from extraordinary achievements in life. If you are in the same boat as these people, then it’s about time you change your perception of yourself. When you feel inferior to others, you jeopardize your motivation for success.

Try not to compare yourself with anybody else. Keep your eyes fixed on your goal and work hard towards achieving it. At the end of the day, you need to tell yourself that you are well capable of fulfilling your dreams.

2) Don’t Recall The Dismal Past

Your past is made up of two things, the happy memories and the sad ones. Recalling the dismal times from the past when you had failed and suffered embarrassment is not the best way of prepping yourself up for a challenge. This is a huge motivation killer. Instead of haunting your mind with memories of failures, fill your mind up with mental images from when you had succeeded beyond your expectations. Even if such memories are few and far between, keep bringing them up as often as you can.

Digging up your personal accomplishments from the past will inspire you more than any motivational speech. This is a great way of telling your stubborn mind that you have been there and done that.

3) Don’t Stress It Out

Nothing is ever as easy or as hard as it seems. Sometimes you may feel exhausted, worn and drained out when there’s a pile of work on your table, left for you to complete. When the mountain to climb is too high, you can be inclined to become de-motivated. The difficulty of the task in hand is based on your assessment of the task. If you think that the task is beyond you, you will lack the motivation to complete it and a failure will eventually be heading your way.

On the flip-side, if you can tone down your stress, calm your mind and handle the upcoming challenge strategically, then you will find motivation to get the job done at the end of the day.

4) Do It Your Way

Very few people in this world like being told what to do. With that being said, you are often left without a choice. That’s the sad truth about this world that we live in. Following rigid instructions or sticking to social norms is usually the only way to go. This does stunt your creativity to some extent, and when there’s a lack of creative input or growth, motivation starts to fade away. You no longer feel as if you are doing the right thing. You may end up in the corner of your room, with tear shot eyes, trying to figure out what exactly are you doing with your life. When you find yourself in such a situation, the important thing to do is improvise. You need to improvise till you find a way to incorporate your creative influence in the task that you have been given.

Your attempts of bending the rules may not always be well received by others, but at least you are trying to make life and work enjoyable for you. Be bold and do it your way, regardless of what others have to say. This is one of the best ways of keeping yourself motivated at all times.

5) Don’t Listen to the Critics

“Haters gonna hate” This has become the most popular phrase in social media. Often used by attention seekers who want fame, this statement has become laughable to some extent.

However, that still does not change the fact that listening to negative people is an absolutely wretched idea.

The intention of people with negative attitudes and remarks is to bring you down, simply because they cannot handle the envy rushing in their veins. You cannot become vulnerable to their derogatory comments. If you do, then you will begin to doubt yourself and your motivation will be flushed away. It is important to note that negative people should not be confused with critics. If you have people offering your constructive criticism, then accept it. Helpful advice on how to improve will only inspire you further.

These were 5 of the biggest motivation killers that you could face in your life. There are plenty of others that you will deal with over time. Regardless of what the motivation killer is, the key to fighting them is the same, and that is to keep believing in yourself and keep striving.
Sarah Williams is a lifestyle writer who specializes in self-development advice. At Wingman Magazine you can read her articles on how to optimize your diet, change your mindset and become a better version of yourself.