A Man (or Woman) Alone with His Dream

It must have been chance.

I almost never watch TV but my wife was downstairs and she had the TV on and what I saw next was not only inspiring but amazing.

On June 15, Nik Wallenda, walked over Niagara Falls from the US into Canada …

… on a tightrope.

The whole ordeal had me captivated and not because it was death defying or entertaining but because of one “image” that really resonated with me.
When they showed Nik on the tightrope making his walk, he was one man, alone, taking small steps towards his dream.

Each step he took brought him closer to fulfilling his dream and despite wind, wear and wetness, he continued on until he fulfilled his dream.

When we are moving towards our dreams and goals, we are a lot like Nik. We are alone and taking one step at a time towards our dreams with many people watching. Some wanting us to make it and some hoping we’ll fall.

Nik made it and so can we.

What strategies did Nik use achieve his dream?

Clear Vision
Nik knew exactly where he was going and how he was going to do it. Do you?

Mental Rehearsal
When asked how he felt after completing the walk, Nik said he’s mentally played out this moment countless times over the last 20 years including all the obstacles he may face. If you want to succeed in achieving your dream, mentally practice by vividly imagining yourself walking your path towards fulfilling your dream. This means not only having a clear target for what you want but also knowing the clear path and what you’ll do when troubles come up.

Even though he was alone on the tightrope, Nik was not alone. He had his father and he also had God. When he was struggling, he prayed and along the way his father gave him encouragement. It may be true that you’re the only one executing your plan but your chances for success increases dramatically when you have some support along the way. Support is not hard to find, you just have to ask.

What are your dreams?
Have you started yet?
If not, what’s stopping you?
Know what you want to do, mentally rehearse both your path to success and the success itself, find some support and then just take your first step.
You’re more ready than you think.
Robert Chen helps people move forward in life both personally and professionally. He is the author of The Dreams to Reality Fieldbook.  If you’re going through a tough time right now, learn How to Feel Better Right Away.