7 Reasons to Kickstart Your Overdue Business Dream Today

It’s been years since you first sketched out that business idea on a piece of paper. It came to you out of nowhere. It gave you a rush of hope and excitement about a new beginning. It was a seed that planted itself in your mind and got your creativity juices flowing.

It made you go what if.

What if you pursued the idea and it worked?
What if you build the business and it succeeded?
What if it made a difference you could be proud of?
What if it solved problems and took away pains?
What if it was fun? And exciting? And made money too?

And at the back of your mind, you went:

What if it finally set you free from the dependency on a paycheck and a boss?

Maybe you shared your business dream with a few close friends. Or maybe you didn’t tell a soul. Either way, I get it. Dreams are fragile and they expose your vulnerability to the world.

And when it comes to business dreams, they take on a whole different complexity.

As soon as you dream a business dream, you dream the failure of it. They say most business dreams die in the mind of the creator before ever being born. Did you kill yours that way? Or did you trade it in for a regular job and a steady income and a lifetime of ‘security’?

Before I compel you with my passionate reasons to kickstart your overdue business dream, I have to say you are ahead of me already.

You see, you have an overdue business dream. I didn’t even allow myself to dream such ideals. I wasn’t an MBA, or an idea person, or a business-minded woman. Who was I to think I could start my own business or run my own show?

I didn’t exactly envision getting so fed up with corporate life that I would give up a 12 year successful career to start my own company from scratch and on my own. Not in a million years.

But here’s the thing. When you follow a path blindly and in the name of success and happiness without self-examination, and when you disregard your dreams and goals in favor of “safer” ways to live, you set yourself up for giant failure.

The simplest definition of failure is unhappiness. If you are unhappy at what you do for a living, you have failed. Or more accurately, you have yet to succeed.

People forget this one simple detail in the mad pursuit of their careers: You don’t have to give up happiness to make a living. Unless you want to. You can have both. In abundance. Insist on it.

Now back to that overdue business dream of yours. I say you should kickstart it today and I’ll make you a deal. I will give you 7 compelling reasons for it. If you disagree, hit me up about it in the comments and don’t hold back.

Here we go:

1. The perfect time: First ideal time to start that business would have been 10 years ago. Sure. The next ideal time is right now. And you now have more experience, expertise, and perspective. Waiting had made you ripe for taking massive action.

2. The Gift of your Genius: You have a gift that is unique to you so nobody else will implement that business idea your way.

3. Opportunity for Others: You will steal the benefits and opportunities that your work will create for others.

4. The Weight of Regret: Your inner voice won’t leave you alone and you will regret not knowing what would have happened with your business idea later in your life.

5. A Life of Abundance: If you have dreamt of this idea, it proves you want to reach higher. You want a life of abundance. If you dismiss it, you will rob yourself and others at creating something spectacular with your genius. You will resort to a life of scarcity.

6. The Change Agent: This business is your tool to become change agent. Use your idea to drive the kind of change you believe in the world needs. Use your business as the platform and inspiration for change. Empower the change with your work and your contribution to the world.

7. The Freedom Finder: You will feel a sense of freedom that few employees ever experience. Creating your own work and being your own boss is the ultimate definition of true personal accountability and freedom to do as you see fit. That is an empowering position to be in. Your overdue business idea can get you there.

Waiting for things to “get better” at your job while you put off your business dream even further in the back of your mind is not a solution. It’s a waste of your valuable time.

Things won’t get better until you do. And it is neither too late nor too unrealistic to leave your job and start your dream business today.

Now, are you motivated now to revive that overdue business dream?

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Farnoosh Brock is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, a published author, a speaker and a business coach and a green juicing expert. She started her media and publishing company, Prolific Living, after a long corporate career. She shows professionals going through “mid-career crisis” both how to get promoted in corporate or create a smart exit plan to get out to start their own businesses. For more, check out www.prolificliving.com


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