Stretch Your Comfort Zone and Unleash Life’s Possibilities

Josh Hinds - Inspirational writerWe all experience some type of self imposed comfort zone at different times in our life. I am talking about those things that for one reason or another we believe are out of our reach.

Comfort zones can be highly personal to the individual, or they can be something that an entire group of people over a long period of time believes to be impossible.

Two examples of this that come to mind are as follows:

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Motivational Thought: Inaction Breeds More of the Same By Josh Hinds

The Key to winning is getting startedAsk any would be author who has stared for hours on end at a blank sheet of paper or computer monitor just how real writers block can be — and you’ll fully grasp what I mean when I say “inaction breeds more of the same.”

When you’re feeling stuck… Move!

Fortunately, the opposite is also true — that is, if you’re stuck, and not sure what the next step you should take is, taking a step, in almost any direction will be exactly what you need to spur your creativity to kick in and get you on the very path you need to be on. It sounds ridiculous I know, but I’ve found it to be true just the same.

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Action Breathes Life Into Your Dreams By Josh Hinds

Sadly, far too many folks are waiting aimlessly for their so-called ship to come in and magically change their life for the better. More often than not, they end up missing the boat that could actually carry them to a brighter future (the boat I’m talking about is the USS Action 😉

Yet, because they are often so afraid of testing new waters they spend an entire lifetime waiting on the shore.

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On Accepting Responsibility For Your Life By Josh Hinds

Being action oriented is the best way to make up for the times in life when things don’t work out the first time around.

Make no mistake, you have the ability to change your lot in life, provided you are willing to do what’s required. It all begins with a willingness to let go of the idea that others are responsible for whatever has kept you from the vision you have for your life.

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It’s Your Duty to Fully Develop Your Unique Talents and Gifts By Josh Hinds

I’m often asked how I came to have such a positive outlook on things. First, let me assure you, I have my moments where my rose colored glasses are a bit dimmer then I’d like them to be.

That said, I do make a point to see the positive side of life whenever possible (and yes, I do believe, from my own life experience, and studying the lives of many others through the work I do that it’s a choice we make). Depending on what each individual person has gone through in their life, perhaps an easier choice then for some, but a choice none the less.

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