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David Breslow

David Breslow David Breslow is founder of Performance Success Strategies, Rapid Transformation Coach and Author of "Wired to Win" and "7 Laws of Human Performance". His clients include Corporate Professionals, Pro and Amateur athletes, Salespeople, Actors and anyone looking to improve the way they live, work or play.

David brings a unique and fresh approach to change, adversity, self-improvement and motivation. His approach quickly helps people think, feel and do things differently with consistent results.

He was Voted "Most Requested Coach" by Ameritech Leadership and praised for his work with a variety of people because of his direct, results oriented approach. David realizes that people improve through transformational learning rather than "informational learning" which is based on tips, strategies and content.

Transformation takes place when we learn there are basic, undeniable and provable "Laws" of Human Performance that impact everyone no matter their personality type, gender, age or experience.

Quotes by David Breslow ...

"You'll never outperform the image you have of yourself"
-- David Breslow

"Theories and concepts come and go but the laws that govern all Human Performance and Potential never, ever change."
-- David Breslow

"People understand the cause-and-effect law of gravity but don't realize that we are part of the universe and therefore are under the influence of cause-and-effect laws too. They are simple, direct, precise, predictable, undeniable and provable!" -- David Breslow

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