Loneliness Is Tremendous by Charlie Tremendous Jones

Charlie Tremendous Jones - inspirational author and speakerLeadership begins with loneliness. What is leadership, what does a leader do? A leader is simply one who goes ahead, one who sets the pace, paves the way.

I think it needs to be said too, that any company, church, community or agency must have at least one courageous person who is willing, I said willing, not able. There are many who are not willing, and others who could do the job better, if they would.

Many never arrive simply because they really never get started. Once you decide to set the pace and move ahead, you discover why many refuse to pay the price of leadership.

Leadership can be lonely, but it’s worth it

It’s lonely leading and so many return to the pack to lead with the gang, only to discover too late that the gang isn’t going anywhere. They want to make sure of the end before going off into the terrible unknown where it is lonely.

Another phrase we often hear, “I won’t go ahead until I know I’m right.” Seems strange how slowly we realize how many times the very things that appeared so wrong, turned out so right, and the things that appeared so right, turned out so wrong.

I’ve come to the conclusion that we won’t know for sure what is the right or wrong until the end, and the end is a long way off. The aloneness of the leader is far better than the loneliness of the follower.


Charles “T” Jones
Written by Charlie “Tremendous” Jones. In addition to breaking many sales records in the Insurance Industry throughout his career, Mr. Jones was the founder and CEO of Executive Books. For more information on Charlie “T” Jones go visit tremendousleadership.com

Being Tremendous: The Life, Lessons, and Legacy of Charlie “Tremendous” Jones

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