The Six Basic Messages of a Motivational Speaker

Like it or not, most people consider me a motivational speaker. That has an upside and a downside! Some people really appreciate motivational speakers while others think they are all fluff and no meat (Some are I guess).

So I have been thinking lately about what it is that a good motivational speaker should do, what they should communicate and how they should move people.

Below are the six basic messages of a good motivational speaker (Hint: If you are in a position of motivating anyone, kids, employees or the like, these will be good for you to reflect upon too!)

Here are the six basic messages:

The basic message that “You can!” So many people today just simply believe that they can’t accomplish their dreams. For one reason or another they have been told that they won’t be able to fulfill their dreams. Maybe they have failed before and left it at that. Maybe their parents didn’t believe in them. Whatever the reason, they have settled into a state of disbelief.

But I have good news … “You can!” I do not believe that there are people who are smarter, better, more talented, more destined, etc. I believe that there are people who do and those who do not.

Yes, someone may currently have more talent, but anyone can increase his or her talent. It is possible! So one of my messages is to remind you that yes indeed you can do whatever you set your mind to.

The basic message to persevere, because sometimes “You won’t!” I can’t remember the exact quote but in Dr. Seuss’ book, “Oh the Places You’ll Go,” (One of the best self help books ever written … I kid you not), there is the build up about how you will conquer the world and go anywhere and everywhere, and then you turn the page and it says, “Except when you don’t Because sometimes you won’t.” This is so true. If you are pursuing your dreams and taking risks, there will be times when you will fail.

But the key is to persevere even when you fail. As I like to say, “Failure is only failure if you fail to learn from it!” Instead of quitting, we pick ourselves up, we brush ourselves off, and we continue to take one step after another. This is the way all people who have succeeded much have done it (What, you think that successful people haven’t failed?).

The basic message that there is nothing to fear. Fear is that ugly monster that, when looked at closely, doesn’t really exist. At first glance you hear his roar, he seems so big and so ugly. He forces you to be aware of his presence and his threats. And then, if we are wise, we realize that all of what he is saying is not true.

There is nothing to fear. Rarely do we experience that which we fear. Most of the time it is quite the opposite. If we keep our minds and hearts, as well as our actions, going in the right direction … in the direction of our dreams and vision … we can walk right past that fear of ours.

It is sort of like when you were a child and you were walking along and saw a huge dog in a front yard up the street a bit. Do you remember how afraid you were? And then you realized that the dog was tied up and couldn’t get to you, so you strut on by. This is how it is with our fear. Know that fear is on a leash!

The basic message to get off your duff and work for it. I am a man of action. People who are successful are that way. Anyone who has ever been successful has done something. Think about it: Even someone who is a successful “thinker” (as opposed to a “doer”) is usually only known because they DID something that let us know about their brilliant thoughts. They wrote a book. They gave a speech. Whatever it was, they did something!

Life rewards actions. What we do is determines what we get. My message has always been and always will be that if you want anything in this life you must first determine the actions that will get you there and then you must take those actions.

If you aren’t willing to get off your duff and go get it, not only will you never attain it, but someone else most assuredly will!

The basic message to keep a positive attitude. People will say, “Oh you motivational speakers… All that positive attitude stuff.” Well, let me ask you a few questions: Isn’t it true that everyone has to have some attitude? Yes? And we choose our attitude, correct? And there are only two basic attitudes and outlooks on life; either positive or negative, true? Then we choose: Will we have a positive or negative attitude?

And the cold, hard truth is that whatever attitude you choose is almost always exactly what you will experience and what life will give you! Those with positive attitudes get and achieve and those with negative attitudes will most likely not. In everything we do, we should keep a positive attitude, knowing that it will reward us.

The basic message to help others. Life is meant to be lived in relationship with others. Relationships are intended to teach us how to love one another and help one another. I cannot imagine in any way where I would be now if it weren’t for friends and family who have been so very helpful to me.

I have said before and still believe that there is no such thing as a self-made man or woman. Look in their lives and you will see that many people helped them.

And so when we achieve some level of success and can give back, then we can and should help others. I had someone help me significantly just the other day. I was truly humbled by the gesture. When I spoke with this person about it, he simply said, “When it comes to fruition and you reap the benefits, do it for someone else.” WOW … powerful!

You CAN!
Walk past your fear!
Take action!
Be positive!
Help others!

These are the six basic messages of a motivational speaker! Follow them all the way to your success!

Questions for reflection:
Have you embraced the fact that you can do what you want?
Have you come to grips with the fact that you must persevere sometimes?
Have you looked at your fear and walked on by?
Have you committed to, and taken, action?
Have you chosen to be a person who has a positive attitude?
Have you helped others and made it a part of your life plan to continue doing so?

Chris Widener is a popular speaker and writer as well as the President of Made for Success, a company helping individuals and organizations turn their potential into performance, and succeed in every area of their lives and achieve their dreams. Learn more about the Ultimate Success Series By Chris Widener.

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