Financial Philosophies By Zig Ziglar

Zig ZiglarRobert Kiyosaki was raised by two dads, one rich, one poor. In his book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Kiyosaki explains the difference in their philosophies.

Poor dad: “The love of money is the root of all evil.”
Rich dad: “The lack of money is the root of all evil.”

Poor dad: “I can’t afford it.”
Rich dad: “How can I afford it?”

Poor dad: “The rich should pay more in taxes to take care of those less fortunate.”
Rich dad: “Taxes punish those who produce and reward those who don’t produce.”

Poor dad: “Study hard so you can find a good company to work for.”
Rich dad: “Study hard so you can find a good company to buy.”

Poor dad: “The reason I’m not rich is because I have you kids.”
Rich dad: “The reason I must be rich is because I have you kids.”

Poor dad: “I’ll never be rich.”
Rich dad: “I’m a rich man and rich men don’t do this,” and “There is a difference between being poor and being broke. Broke is temporary and poor is eternal.”

Poor dad: “I’m not interested in money,” or “money doesn’t matter.”
Rich dad: “Money is power.”
Poor dad wanted Robert to study to become a professional, get a good job and work for money. Rich dad encouraged him to study, understand how money works and learn to make it work for him. Rich dad: “Saying ‘I can’t afford it’ makes your brain stop working; asking ‘how can I afford it?’ puts your brain to work, and saying `I can’t afford it,’ is a sign of mental laziness.”

Poor dad was highly educated and intelligent. Rich dad never finished the eighth grade. Both dads earned lots of money. One died leaving tens of millions of dollars to his family, charities, and his church; the other left bills to be paid by his family.

The difference? Their financial philosophies.

… Adapted from Something Else To Smile About by Zig Ziglar.
Zig Ziglar was a legendary teacher and motivator. His work continues to inspire people all over the world to pursue success and go for their dreams. Learn more about him at

* Zig is the author of Secrets of Closing the Sale

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