Passionately Live Your New You Through New Eyes

Why do we find change difficult when having the tools, resources, and time in the world ? This boggles me because I know I want to change but, I feel something is missing about me and sometimes I think to myself will this convince me to change?

That thought dances in my mind several times.

Yes that is it. Perhaps we are not convinced completely about the change. Nevertheless, how many times have we struggle with that thought?

“I need to change”

Becoming The Person You Want to Be

The reason you are not the person you want to be in life is because your world view about yourself is different from everyone else’s. No matter how much praise you receive in life deep down you don’t accept it. You reject what you want to be because you don’t believe it. There are some parts of you you could accept but, what about the most important ? Like changing, growing and succeeding.

The ones that matter most we don’t believe about ourselves. We know we want to change and we need to change. But we are not doing it. We are failing at something.

It all comes down to our own belief about ourselves. We don’t know where it came from but, there is a strong belief about us hidden; subconsciously.

I wish I knew what is was. I really do.

As I look around I am very successful but, want to be more. I surround myself with people that tell me how great I am and how much I accomplished. However, something inside me believes otherwise.

There is a belief about myself sort of like a program running itself on automatic undetected. I wish I knew what it was. Perhaps many of you have felt it and wonder why you keep failing. Sometimes this sensation feels as I don’t want to succeed that bad.

Perhaps that is what it is.

In a we are unsatisfied with something with ourselves. Unhappy with ourselves because we cant even do this change for us. We as a person are not even motivated enough to take action. In a way Thinking about ourselves feels demotivating.

Our mind is so twisted and sick that we can’t even do this for ourselves. I believe the reason we aren’t growing into who we want to be has to do with the mental representation of ourselves. The world might have us on high esteem but, it does not count if it does not come from our mouth.

We feel uncertain about our belief of becoming. We don’t confide on the mental image of ourselves. To them we are a success but, to us that image is tainted and distorted. We must clear away the mud that brings us down.

Central Control Belief System

You know what else stomps our growth. The belief we have about ourselves is very important. If we have a different opinion about ourselves things would be different.

There is a thought killing you. They say the mind is our worst enemy but, the mind is here to help us. It is the thoughts that change you and destroy you.

Knowing this we must go through our database of thoughts and eliminate the main central control system responsible for stunning our growth. Change what you believe of you.

There is a thought that boggles me, I just have to search. As for the rest start seeing yourself with different eyes. Perhaps allow yourself to be seen through the eyes of that one person who believes in you. Borrow their world when you feel disbelief.

Truly trust their world as your own. Change will only happen when we see with new eyes. Live your life as they see you.

I guess I am going to start looking for a new set of eyes to borrow today.
Ricardo Ortiz is a clinical therapist, entrepreneur and writer. His mission in life is to help people discover themselves and live their true purpose.

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