4 Steps to Leading a Highly Motivated Life

Sky diving motivationYou can look around and notice a vast sea of people drifting through life. Nine times out of ten you can bet that a majority of those drifting are not present. They’re not focused on the power of what they can do right now, but are instead wrapped in either regrets of yesterday, the joys of yesterday, the worries of tomorrow, or the wonder of tomorrow.

Whether good or bad, they are focused on everything else but right now.

I’m guilty of this myself. We tend to take right now for granted, and so we find ourselves looking back and wondering where all the time went; again, still looking somewhere else but now.

If you want to start elevating your life to another level, it’s time to start focusing on how much power you have right now and staying in that moment. This moment is the only thing that can set up the kind of tomorrow you truly want.

Here are 4 things to you can do to start elevating your life and truly living a moment-centered, motivating life.

1. Find your purpose through service.

When you focus on your surrounding world at the moment you’ll be able to start seeing everything through the eyes of a servant. You need to see the world that way if you expect to truly live on purpose. It’s when we’re helping others and naturally trying to better the world in some way where we start truly coming alive. Our natural abilities rise to the surface because everything we’re doing is from the heart, and you can only work effectively from the heart if you are focused on what’s present. Right now is your moment to live on purpose.

2. Get clear on what you want.

When you know what you want and are clear, it’s much easier to focus on what needs to be done right now. The clearer you are, the more intense you’ll be at what has to happen on a moment by moment basis. If you’re not clear, you are more prone to being lost in that state of constant wonder or worry. Dreaming is important, but we need to get clear enough on our dreams that they actually become achievable; clear and concise goals we can work toward. Not only does being clear help you work “in” the moment, but whatever or whoever is “in” the moment will be clear because you are clear. Thus, if they are clear they will know how to correspond with you.

3. Be intentional with your power-ups.

Powering up is how we feed our spirit, our drive, our mind, our bodies. These things will deplete if they’re not maintained. You need to feed what you believe; your spiritual side. Your belief in what can or can’t happen has so much impact on your outcomes.

Your intellect and how you choose to keep replenishing your mind keeps your gears turning, keeps you alert, and keeps you growing wiser. Also, how you take care of your body is absolutely crucial. You need your health and your energy to stay focused, to stay “in” the moment, and to stay charged. All of these are imperative to the effectiveness of your drive to keep going no matter what.

4. Do things that scare you.

You’re never really growing until you are pushing your limits and stretching your comfort zone. If something scares you it may be an opportunity for you to take advantage of that and see where this can take you. This will keep you “in” the moment because it’s so alarming to your natural way of doing things, and it will help keep that fire inside of you burning.

Being motivated requires that you live in the moment. By serving with purpose, staying clear on what you want, keeping yourself powered-up, and doing things that stretch you and push your limits you’re going to have really hard time not being in the moment.

That’s what we want, that’s how we get things done, and that’s how we truly live a motivated life.
Robert de Brus reignites the unemployable entrepreneur towards re-claiming their freedom.

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