4 Changes to Your Mindset that Will Motivate You to Change Your Life

Mindset changes that will Motivate youWe live in a world that can sometimes be overbearing. Whether we are aware of it or not, forces outside of our control are constantly attempting to influence us; whether it is peers, parents, bosses, advertisements or even the government — it seems everyone wants us to fit their image.

While as teenagers, we rebelled against these influences in order to assert our own uniqueness, as time passes, we often forsake our own unique and creative spirit in order to accommodate the expectations of others out of a desire for security.

Becoming Self-Reliant

In order to take full control of our abilities and our lives, it is essential to drown out these unnecessary influences and become self-reliant. By remaining dependent on other people’s opinions or charity, we lose our center and our sense of self. Over time, we start to become the image projected onto us by others. For anyone living in modern times, this intellectual dependency is catastrophic; it will slowly sap all the self-confidence and bravery you have.

In order to change this and become truly independent, it is necessary to first establish a mindset of self-reliance, as well as learn to slowly silence the opinions of others. By taking these small steps, you are on the way to being a courageous and effective person once more, and you will have a foundation from which you are able to take advantage of all the inherent skills and abilities unique to you.

Trusting Yourself

For most people, the biggest side effect of listening to the opinions of others over your own is that you quickly lose critical thinking resources and self-trust. Because of this, you become increasingly more reliant on others for advice and help. The first step to take is to start trusting yourself and your ideas more; initially, this will be a process of trial and error, with every mistake giving you invaluable amounts of experience.

Over time, your skills of intuition will be sharper and your ability to size-up any situation will be impeccable. This fundamental self-trust creates a marvelous side-effect, confidence. Through this confidence, you have the resources from which to move in any direction that suits your passions, interests and inherent abilities.

Moving Forward: Bravery

There is a motivational quote by the great hockey player Wayne Gretzky, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” The truth inherent in this simple statement is obvious. In order to sculpt your future, risks are absolutely necessary. In fact, challenging any fear you have is essential to the process of being self-reliant and increasing confidence and bravery.

Because every individual is unique, the risks that you need to take to take are a personal matter; however, it is essential to push yourself and hone your inherent abilities to the fullest extent. By doing this, one will make a mark for themselves in their workplace and be able to contribute much more to the company, getting noticed in the process.

This bravery that it takes to forge your own path is a result of confidence in yourself, which can only be done after weaning yourself off of the projections and desires of others.

Living a Changed Life

Through taking these steps and establishing a self-reliant mindset, you can have a much greater level of control over your future. However, this self-reliance will lead down paths that may be uncomfortable and difficult at the time. During any struggle, remember, difficulty and challenge is the essential prerequisite for growth. By pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and developing your own unique skills, talents, and mental power, you can easily sculpt a future worth living.

The results of this mindset will be immense, not only in personal life, but in the workplace. Self-reliant people exude self-confidence and have a greater sense of determination and greater emotional health, as they have lived a life based around conquering fears and surmounting obstacles. This mindset will dramatically help improve your position in the workplace, giving you both recognition and an increased sense of satisfaction.
Robert Cordray is a freelance writer and expert in business and finance. He has received many accolades for his work in teaching solid entrepreneur advice.