Doing What You Love or Loving What You Do

Ani Chibukhchyan“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius

The quote states the ideal situation. It sounds pretty simple and easy but it is not. There are many different aspects related to it – money just being one. Usually what you love may not be profitable/marketable/reputable… etc. What then?

Many would argue back saying ‘’just do what you love, follow your passion and the money will follow.’’ Well maybe it will – maybe it won’t.

The inspirational examples we see are maybe just 10% of those, who quit their hated job and followed their dreams. Those 10% succeeded and became inspirational role models. What happened to the rest? Well, the rest ended up disappointed and poor.

Many truly believe in overnight success. But there is no such thing. Even if the person literally woke up and found himself successful – it is a result of many hours of hard work, persistence and determination. Everything the person has done to reach success, led him to different life events and eventually brought him to that success.

But what kept someone staying motivated? What is it that does not let us give up? What drives those 10%, who succeed at the end?

Well, here we can get back to old wise Confucius – loving what you do.

When you love what you do you are directing all your positive energy, all your dreams, your goals and your hopes to it. You no longer work for a breathless brand, which does not add any value to your development, talents and inspiration.

Maybe in order not to take the risk of being among the 90% who did not make it, it’s better to manage a transitional period by dedicating off work hours to doing what you love and saving the money received from doing what you don’t. But that’s an entirely different topic.

The thing is – once you find your passion, your calling and that one thing you’d rather be doing for the rest of your life you will not be able to avoid it anymore. The enlightenment will make you go through a paradigm shift. And then, you will definitely feel happy. Why? Well because…

Doing what you love adds purpose to your life

You found your calling and you finally know what you are here for. You have defined your life purpose and know which direction to take towards your future success.

Doing what you love brings harmony to your inner self

Now you already know why you were so miserable at your job. Once you find out about what you want to do you feel at peace. You do your best to organize your life so it does not contradict with your passion.

Doing what you love empowers you

You no longer work for someone else’s goals. You no longer work to make someone else’s dreams come true. It’s your choice, your passion and your decisions.

Doing what you love rewards

When you do something you love, you do it with all your heart and soul. This means you do it better than you do anything else. And believe me it shows. The end result gets your feelings, enthusiasm and inspiration. It shines back and attracts.

Doing what you love changes your values

At some point one inspired reader or a good review of your book will worth more to than Gucci shoes and diamond rings to you. At some point the smile of a grateful person, whom you’ve helped will make you warm inside. Many things will not matter anymore, cause what will matter most will be the thing you love doing.

How do I know that you may ask?

Well I had a corporate career for over 12 years. I can’t say that I hated it. No, I even liked it. But the key is that I did not love it. When I finally found what I loved, my career became a barrier between me and what I loved.

I quit my job 18 months ago. Now I am a self-development blogger and fiction author. I love what I do.

So believe me I know the difference.

What are your thoughts and experiences about the topic?
Ani Chibukhchyan is the founder of Life Probabilities self-development blog and the bestselling author of the contemporary romance/drama novel Highfall.


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