Combining Motivation and Education to Achieve Success

The Power of Motivation

We’ve all heard that speaker who gets us motivated towards accomplishing those things which have eluded us in life. After hearing empowering messages, we say things like “I’m really going to do it this time.” Or “Nothing will stand in my way!” In our minds we arrive at the track and our shoes are laced up tight as we approach the starting line of our new endeavor, only to find that very few people make it to the starting point because after the excitement fades we forget our reasoning for being on the track.

The Importance of Education

Friends, motivation is a force which is meant to get you up, out and moving towards your inner-most desires, but it tends to fade away quickly like the shot made famous by “His Airness,” Michael Jordan! Education is the perfect compliment to motivation because it creates a reality with the things we’d like to accomplish, and keeps us from non-substantial thoughts which leave many in the realm of allure.

The Benefits of Combining Motivation and Education

It’s great to get excited about various things in life. It’s a tired existence to wake up and not have an eminent thought of something you’d like to accomplish and create. Educating yourself on anything removes you from the land of fantasy and allows you an in-the-frame realistic view of it. Education reveals the inner-workings behind anything you’d like to accomplish. Educating yourself will remove the hesitation which has kept you contemplating and not acting on your desires. It’s human nature to not place our energy into things we do not deem as being possible. When the inner-workings of a particular thing are revealed, a possibility mindset ensues, as we realistically see ourselves in the frame of what we’d like to create for ourselves.

Education creates an understanding which translates to a confident pursuit of anything. It’s no coincidence that the best-selling book of all time states: “In all thy getting, get understanding.” How can you place your being into the creation of something without first having an understanding of it? Understanding bridges the gap between you and whatever is missing in your life. Once we know something is possible, it is then and only then that we give it our energy. If you give anything your energy long enough it’s only a matter of time before you create it.

The reality that are currently experiencing will not exceed your level of what you perceive as being possible. You live it because it’s on the level of what you see as possible for yourself. Get motivated and then educate yourself on the realities of your next level. Use motivation and education to allow the frame of possibility to open and extend its invitation to you. These are the tools which allow you to create the Genesis of whatever has eluded you in life.
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