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Unlocking Leadership Potential: The Power of Internalizing Knowledge

Lately, I’ve been contemplating the significance of not just consuming more information through podcasts, articles, and newsletters, but internalizing it. It’s not that these sources lack value in learning and personal growth, but the risk lies in solely acquiring information without truly thinking it through. You may find yourself able to recite or discuss what …

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What Leadership Means to Me

I used to think of leadership simply as something that one aspired to professionally. My thoughts on it changed when I read author and business speaker John Maxwell say “Leadership is influence, nothing more nothing less.” The quote isn’t near as open ended as it may seem at first when you really think about it. …

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Encouraging Others is Living Leadership

“Every day I look for opportunities to encourage and build up others. When I help other people to perform to the best of their abilities that is exactly more of what I attract into my own life.

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