Be Specific And Realistic
By Chip Lowell

When you take a look at what you want to accomplish by setting goals, make sure you are as specific as to your outcome as you can possibly be. What do I mean? Well, if your New Year's Resolution is to lose weight -- have you defined a specific weight you'll end up at, and by what specific date? 

If you haven't, then take a few minutes and think about it now. Exactly how much will you weigh? By what specific date? Got it? Great! The same works with any other goal. Want to become debt free? How much debt do you need to clear? When do you want it gone? Make sure you ask "How much?" and "By when?"

Now, the other issue is this: is your goal realistic? Do you currently weigh 225 lbs. and hope to fit into your old size 6 dress by March by getting down to 120? Boy, I hope not! You're just setting yourself up for discouragement and disappointment. Most experts in the area of weight loss say it's healthy to lose about 1 to 1 1/2 lbs. per week. So if you are in the above example, you're planning to lose 105 lbs. 105 divided by 1.5 is 70 weeks. It may seem like a long time, but it's very doable, and healthy!

All goals fit into this line of thinking. You may want to go from earning $20,000 annually to $1 million in 2 months -- but short of winning the lottery, you'd better come up with either some very agressive, specific actions to take, or be a little easier on yourself with the time frame or amount of money.

So, keeping setting those goals and achieving! Be realistic, but don't sell yourself short either!

Have a great day! 
Chip Lowell

By Chip Lowell, creator of MyMotivator helps you achieve your goals with powerful and easy web based Goal Setting software

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